06/21/2021 6:11 AM

Strong sales skills - Account Manager

Matias is Saldo’s first Account Manager hire with a specialisation in corporate lending. Recruited in early 2021 to support our SME loans program, Matias has been invaluable in advising and guiding corporate clients on their lending.

Mathias boasts an impressive skill set. His solid knowledge base and finely honed customer service and sales skills were developed over several years’ employment at one of Finland's largest telecom operators.

Interest in the financial sector as a basis

Matias was motivated to apply for Saldo’s Account Manager role as it promised to provide extensive exposure to the world of finance. He was attracted to the company’s innovative and bold approach to business, and seemingly unlimited opportunities for growth and learning in an energetic working environment.

Encouraged by a business acquaintance who saw him as the perfect fit, Matias polished his resume and passed the interviews with flying colours.

“The most enticing element of Saldo’s business model is its bold upward growth strategy. The company’s determination to expand internationally creates an excellent opportunity for me to influence the development of Saldo's corporate sales in particular,” Matias said.

In his previous role, Matias assisted in shaping the approach to sales and customer service over a period of four years, forming a solid foundation of expertise that translated directly to his new role at Saldo.

Opportunity to influence in development

Matias is currently contributing to the operation of the Corporate Loans team. The concept of sales is broad, however Matias has carved out a niche in Loan Sales and Customer Relationship Development, and is branching out into Product Development and opening new sales channels. He works in close collaboration with Saldo’s marketing team and analysts.

“The most interesting aspects of my current role are creating new customer relationships, developing new and innovative services to enhance the customer experience and the opportunity to influence Saldo's development,” Matias said.

Matias is looking forward to future challenges and moments of success, envisioning a bright future at Saldo and a step further on his career path to international finance.

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