08/13/2021 12:06 PM

Saldo finds exceptional legal counsel in a law student

Saldo prides itself on recognising the potential in candidates. Anna, a fourth-year Law student, is one of those shining stars.

”The position of Legal Assistant at Saldo was advertised through a student organisation associated with my university’s Faculty of Law. Applying for the role made perfect sense. I could continue my studies while learning and growing with an aspirational domestic company,” Anna explained.

Fast forward to 2021, Anna now has two years’ solid experience supporting Saldo’s legal team. The opportunity has been invaluable in preparing her for a successful career. Anna is nearing the completion of her law education, and is setting her sights on a role as an in-house lawyer for an international company.

What does a legal counsel do at a fintech company?

Fintech companies naturally deal with a lot of financial issues and situations. A company operating in the field must have a strong and knowledgeable team of experts. Tasks are not always straightforward or easy, and every employee must use their initiative.

“The most interesting and challenging scenarios are those where different laws can be applied. In such situations, questions cannot be answered directly. Rather, answers must be sought in legislation, case law, government submissions, and legal literature. Team discussions to strategise the best course of action are always fascinating,”Anna reflects.

Lawyers and legal assistants are essential for a company like Saldo, particularly when dealing with litigation and criminal cases. Legal advisers work closely with various authorities and district courts, preparing and submitting written responses and statements to the authorities as required.

In addition, legal assistants such as Anna are required to monitor and handle matters related to clients' insolvency, such as bankruptcies and debt restructuring.

International growth and its challenges

Anna is based in Saldo’s Turku office, and is part of a legal team comprising three employees led by a senior lawyer.

Anna and Saldo have truly grown together. As Anna's skill set increased and her studies progressed, her role evolved. Saldo’s plans for international expansion have also advanced, leading to increased opportunities for Anna to further develop.

“Gaining experience in international operations is definitely an asset, and certainly comes with its challenges. The most significant of these being the differences in legislation in different countries, which sometimes have to be clarified in a foreign language,” Anna said.

As the company continues to grow and internationalise its operations, it creates new opportunities for a soon-to-be graduated lawyer with a very bright future.