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Term:12 months
Interest rate:2.9%
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14 days

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Term deposit - what it is?

A term deposit is the process of keeping a specific amount of money in a financial institution for an agreed period of time. The institution pays interest for the time they hold the money. The amount of interest and the payout frequency are determined on the day of signing the deposit contract. Remember that term deposits cannot be terminated until the agreed period of time passes, and no interest will be paid upon early termination.

A term deposit is one of the most reliable ways to generate passive income and to get your money that you set aside for saving working for you. Since the interest rate is agreed in advance, any financial institution is committed to it for the agreed period. This way, your money doesn’t lose value due to inflation or other market changes.

Saldo term deposits have many advantages

High interest rates

Saldo provides fixed term deposit interest rates that are higher than the general market offering (we offer 3.3% interest rate after 48 months),

Fast registration

Our registration system is extremely fast: you can create an account to open a term deposit at any time of the day,


Your term deposits are insured by the European Deposit Guarantee System - all deposits up to €100 000 are insured under this system. With Saldo you can have a maximum of two deposits up to €100 000 each with different time periods. Both will be insured as required by the guarantee system.


You can transfer money to Saldo term deposit account from any bank

Term deposit and its conditions

The term deposit sum can be between €1 000 - €100 000
The maximum amount that you can keep in Saldo term deposit accounts is €200 000
The deposit term can vary from 12 months up to 60 months
After opening an irrevocable term deposit account, you can only close it under special conditions listed in the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania
Saldo term deposits are accepted only in Euros
In some cases, we may ask for additional documents to open a term deposit account
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Term deposit is a financial tool that allows you to keep a specific amount of money in a bank or other financial institution for an agreed period of time, for which the bank or other financial institution pays interest.

This is one of the most stable ways to get passive income and get your money working for you. With term deposits, your money won’t lose so much value due to inflation or other market changes. Irrevocable term deposit can only be cancelled and taken out before term under special circumstances.

A savings account is a term deposit that can be topped up whenever you want. During the next agreed period for depositing (or withdrawing) money, interest is recalculated based on the new amount. If you want to close the savings account, you will be paid all the accrued interest and the deposited amount. However, interest on a savings account will never reach the level that a term deposit can offer.

Saldo cannot offer savings account services at this time.

Yes! Term deposits up to €100 000 are insured according to the requirements of the European Deposit Guarantee System.