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Saldo’s fast loans for businesses are an innovative way for small and medium sized enterprises to get ahead.

  • Now up to 10 000 €
  • Flexible funding conditions

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Monthly payment:€1,306.49
Interest rate:22.8%
Minimum monthly payment:€0 / month
Total to repay:€7,838.94
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14 days

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The SME loan is a loan of 1 000–10 000 € (with or without surety) with a payment period of 1–18 months. Monthly payment from 98,58 € / month. Interest from 0 %, fixed cost is determined by the loan offer.

What is a business loan?

Saldo’s fast business loans are a financial service which is suitable and helpful for small and medium-sized businesses operating in Lithuania. Some of the reasons why companies, corporations, partnerships and other legal entities apply for business credit include:

  • debt repayment,

  • new investment projects,

  • implementation of development goals or start-ups,

  • purchase of equipment or goods for the company.

Saldo Finance is here to help your business achieve success and improve your financial standing by offering fast business credit up to €10 000.

Getting a business loan from Saldo is quick and easy

All you have to do is fill in an online application form and we’ll transfer the full amount into your company’s bank account instantly.

Through adoption of the latest technology and most innovative solutions, we help businesses with their most pressing financial needs. Loans for small businesses are granted almost immediately, with funds hitting the nominated account just a few minutes after the online application has been submitted and approved by our system.

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4.65 / 5

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Who can apply for a business loan?

Saldo’s fast business loans can be tailored to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. And we’ve made sure that applying for business credit couldn’t be simpler. All legal entities operating in Lithuania are eligible to apply.

Saldo is a reliable financial partner for small and medium businesses.

Borrow up to €10 000 quickly, inexpensively and securely. We offer fast loans for businesses with low interest rates and flexible contract terms.

Fast business loans in Lithuania – what do you need to know?

Almost every business borrows in order to grow and expand. Using leverage is an efficient way for a business to become a market leader, and keep ahead of its competitors.

At any given time, the Lithuanian economy has about 8 billion euros of loan capital available for business (Bank of Lithuania, 2020). This amount is equal to approximately one-sixth of the country's gross domestic product (GDP), making business loans a very important driver for the country's economy.

Here are some more things you should know about business loans, financing and support in Lithuania.

  • Getting business credit usually takes quite a bit of time. The process can take days or even weeks. Saldo’s loan application process is automated, which means if your application is successful, you’ll be able to access the funds immediately.

  • Most companies require some form of collateral before lending to a business. Saldo Finance offers business loans of up to € 10 000 without asking for any collateral. Instead we might ask for a personal guarantor.

Borrowing for patent acquisition or research activities is highly cost-effective, as the advantages and commercial benefits of patents and R&D costs allow for significant tax benefits.

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The maximum amount offered to companies, corporations and partnerships for a business loan is € 10 000.

We provide each company with a unique offer based on their successful application and individual business needs. This enables Saldo to offer the most competitive business loans and best terms to our entrepreneurial customers.

We understand the importance of having quick and easy access to funds, and that’s why we provide innovative and fast solutions for our small and medium sized business customers.

Our automated application processing system makes a decision almost immediately, and once an application has been approved, money is transferred to the company bank account within a couple of minutes.

Business loans are used for a wide variety of reasons, whether it be the purchase of new goods or equipment, development, project implementation, salary increases, contingency costs or the acquisition of a patent.

The following company types can get a loan:

  • Sole proprietorship

  • Private limited company

  • Partnership enterprise

  • Cooperative company

  • Agriculture company

  • Public institution

  • Farmers

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer! The amount of credit you can secure for your business will be based on the solvency of your company. Once you’ve completed our quick online application our system will analyse and approve your application. After that, we’ll offer a unique package best suited to your business and its needs.

Your business loan offers will include a fair interest rate, terms and the amount of your monthly repayment.

We aim for full transparency to help you make the right decision for your business as quickly as possible. This is why we offer you several different loan offers with different maturities and payment rates. This way you can find the optimal fit for you!

Saldo Bank is a responsible lender operating in Lithuania and Northern Europe. We’ve been lending in Lithuania since 2021, and have been operating in other countries for more than a decade. Our fully automated and innovative lending solutions for private and business customers help them save time and avoid queues. Simply fill in the application online, and leave the rest to us.

You can read more about Saldo Bank in the About Us section.

Our customer service department is open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page or in our FAQ, you can email our friendly team at

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