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Saldo’s fast loans for businesses are an innovative way for small and medium sized enterprises to get ahead.

  • Now up to 10 000 €
  • Flexible funding conditions

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Monthly payment:€1,306.49
Interest rate:22.8%
Loan management fee:€0 / month
Total to repay:€7,838.94
This is only an estimation. Apply to get the offer!* Application process is in Lithuanian

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14 days

Interest rate from

The SME loan is a loan of 1 000–10 000 € (with or without surety) with a payment period of 1–18 months. Monthly payment from 98,58 € / month. Interest from 0 %, fixed cost is determined by the loan offer.

What is a business loan?

Saldo’s fast business loans are a financial service which is suitable and helpful for small and medium-sized businesses operating in Lithuania. Some of the reasons why companies, corporations, partnerships and other legal entities apply for business credit include:

  • debt repayment,

  • new investment projects,

  • implementation of development goals or start-ups,

  • purchase of equipment or goods for the company.

Saldo Finance is here to help your business achieve success and improve your financial standing by offering fast business credit up to €10 000.

Getting a business loan from Saldo is quick and easy

All you have to do is fill in an online application form and we’ll transfer the full amount into your company’s bank account instantly.

Through adoption of the latest technology and most innovative solutions, we help businesses with their most pressing financial needs. Loans for small businesses are granted almost immediately, with funds hitting the nominated account just a few minutes after the online application has been submitted and approved by our system.

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