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Monthly payment:€99
Interest rate:18.96%
Minimum monthly payment:€4.95 / month
Total to repay:€3,585.48
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Consumer loan is an unsecured loan of up to 3 000 € and has an interest rate of 9 – 39 %. Administration fee: 5,00 – 10,00 €/month. Annual percentage rate of charge (APR): 26,4 – 84,7 %. Loan period: 10 – 37 months. Monthly payment: 29,00 – 239,00 €.

Example of loan repayment: The interest rate of 29 % and the loan administration fee of 5,95 € per month is applied for a 1 500 € loan with 36 monthly installments. The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) for this loan is 65,14 %. The total amount to be paid by the customer (the sum of the total loan amount and total loan costs) is 2 477,11 €, while the monthly installment is 68,11 €.

Standard European Consumer Credit Information

How can I get a quick consumer loan?

Getting a consumer loan online is easy. It takes just a few minutes to fill out the application form, and the money will be in your bank account as soon as your application is approved.

Applying for a quick consumer loan takes just a few minutes from start to finish. With Saldo, you won’t need to go through a lengthy application process or scan paper documents. We’re here to help you get on with life and stop worrying about your finances. Choose Saldo as your financial partner to assist you with accomplishing your financial goals.

Fast process

  • 1

    Tell us how much money you need, and your preferred monthly repayment

    Everyone’s financial situation is different. Start by choosing the Saldo service or product that suits you by taking into account your personal or business needs and current financial status.

  • 2

    Fill out the application

    Fill out our online application form. It should only take about 5 minutes.

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    Verify your identity

    Get ready to verify your identity using Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or Ondato.

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    Get the money in your bank account right away

    As soon as your application is approved, the money is transferred directly to your nominated IBAN bank account.

Apply for a loan

Our products and customer service adapt to the ever-changing everyday and everyone’s personal needs. Need a loan right away? No problem. Chat, email, app, call? We got you.


We make sure our customers can keep their finances in order. Our dynamic pricing and monthly instalments allows tailoring to each customer, taking into account their life situation and everyday spending.


No hidden fees, no shady stuff. Our communications is always jargon free and to the point. We keep our promises and create digital products like they should have been done since the get-go. We take pride in being a responsible lender.

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What is an online consumer loan?

Simply put, it's a financial service. People use it when they need money to cover small, medium or large expenses. Most people tell us they use Saldo Finance for a consumer loan when they need a home or car repair, or want to go on holiday. A consumer loan is different to a home loan or lease in that the lender does not need to pledge or mortgage the property. Most importantly, getting a consumer loan is quick and easy.

Consumer credit is one of fast ways to access funds to pay for goods and services you need today. The funds will be in your account just a couple of minutes after your application is approved, so you’ll be able use the money for whatever you need it for. No more waiting in lines, filling in complicated forms or excessive paperwork. Saldo Finance provides consumer credit up to € 3,000 in minutes.

What makes Saldo’s Consumer Loans so fast?


Getting approval for a consumer loan from a bank can take a long time, and cause a lot of stress. Firstly, there’s time-consuming paperwork that needs to be completed. Next, the bank takes time to assess your solvency and approve the application. Finally, you need to visit the bank in person, stand in line again, sign on the dotted line and only then will the money will be transferred to the bank account.

Saldo’s consumer loan is ready to use and in your bank account within minutes. No queues or documents. The process is quick and easy, so you’ll have more time to focus on achieving your financial goals.

Flexible and individual conditions

Each application is evaluated individually. As a result, each loan offer is tailored to suit the client's current financial situation.
Interest rates for our consumer loans start at just 9%. You can get a quick consumer loan online. Use our loan calculator to find out how much your monthly repayments will cost up front.


Saldo Finance is a responsible lender that operates in Lithuania, Sweden and Finland. In Finland, Saldo is the market leader in the lending space. We specialise in innovative and automated lending solutions. You can trust Saldo as your financial partner for everything life throws your way.


Saldo offers consumers the option of getting quick and easy credit. The application process is simple and straightforward. The entire loan issuance process is automated, so you won’t be burdened by stacks of paperwork or doing calculations. Simply choose the amount you wish to borrow and fill in the application. When this is complete, Saldo will send you offer and transfer the money to your account as soon as you accept.

Saldo offers inexpensive and fast consumer loans on flexible terms

At Saldo, we focus on providing convenient loan solutions for our customers. Our loan application process is extremely fast. We treat all our customers with respect and lend responsibly by offering customers optimised offer based on each individual’s current circumstances.

Our automated system relies on SODRA data and Scorify econometric data analysis to accurately and impartially assess your solvency and provide credit. Easily borrow consumer loans from €500 to € 3,000. The interest rate available for our consumer loans start at just 9%.

Have a question? We answered most of them already.

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Our system automatically evaluates your financial data (in SODRA and with the Scorify tool) and will immediately approve or decline the application.

If our system sees excessive risk of default in your application, you might not be successful in getting a quick consumer loan the first time around. But don’t worry. When your financial situation changes, simply fill out a new application, and our system will approve it.

To avoid the hassle of not being granted a consumer loan online, here are some of the most common reasons why a lender might not offer you a fast consumer loan:

  • Length of service in your current job is too short;

  • Your income is too low to guarantee repayment of obligations;

  • The financial obligations you already have are too high;

  • You have applied for a loan without your spouse's knowledge;

  • SODRA does not have data showing your income;

  • You are registered in relevant databases where people who do not want to get consumer credit are registered.

Saldo offers all clients an online banking service, where you can easily check your current loan status, upcoming payments or your repayment schedule. You can log in to our online banking service here, with your SmartID. You can also find out the outstanding amount at any time by contacting our friendly customer service team by email.

The Automated System we use will provide you with a consumer loan within minutes of filling out your application. This is one fast ways to get funding!

The maximum amount of Saldo’s quick consumer loan is € 3 000. However, depending on your financial circumstances, you may only be eligible for a smaller amount. To find out how much you can borrow, fill out the application and we’ll send you an individual offer within minutes.

Once you’ve had your loan for three months and if you are up to date with your payments, you’re eligible to apply for a second loan.

If you have any questions about our services that are not answered here, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact our Customer Support at any time at

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