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Yes, Saldo provides services and can assist you in both Lithuanian and English.

Unfortunately, in order to assess your solvency, we need to verify your identity. To complete this step you’ll need to provide your personal identification number.

Saldo Bank offers several different financing services to consumers.

Consumer loans is an excellent solution for small to medium expenses. This might include things like home repairs, car repairs or purchases, and other similar expenses. Saldo Finance provides consumer loans online up to € 3 000. Get more information about our consumer loan service.

Saldo also provides business loans for companies, corporations and partnerships. Small and medium sized businesses can apply online and receive a loan of up to € 10 000, which can be used for business development or other debts.

More information on all types of Saldo Loans.

We are a leader in innovative and automated lending and payment solutions and a well-known and reliable provider of lending services. Saldo has been engaged in innovative lending activities for more than a decade.

We create automated and fast borrowing solutions for consumers to help manage their day-to-day needs. Once you’ve submitted a successful application, you can borrow from Saldo in just a matter of minutes.

Find more information about Saldo in the About Us section of the page.

The time it takes from filling out your application until the money reaches your bank account will only take a matter of minutes. The entire loan and credit issuance process is automated and funds are transferred to your bank account instantly.

In certain circumstances, we can provide a loan for individuals who do not have a fixed income. However, we access each application on a case-by-case basis, so you’ll have fill out our application to see if you’re eligible.

Unfortunately, we can only transfer money to your personal bank account.

Yes you can. If you meet the solvency criteria and borrow responsibly, Saldo Finance may grant you more than one credit and / or loan.

We do require that you are up to date with your payments for your existing loans at Saldo and that at least 99 days have pasts since you took your previous loan from Saldo.

You can check the status of your billing through MySaldo. In MySaldo you can see if the invoice is marked paid or if it is still open. In unclear situations you can always contact our customer support.