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Saldo will help you find the perfect loan solution in just a few minutes. No need to waste time scanning and sending paper documents!

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Monthly payment Loan period: 31 months

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Consumer credit is an unsecured loan of up to 3000 € and has an interest rate of 9 – 39 % . Administration fee: 5,00 – 10,00 €/month. Annual percentage rate of charge (APR): 26,4 – 84,7 %. Loan period: 10 – 37 months. Monthly payment: 29,00 – 239,00 €.

Flexibility and many years of experience
Fast and fully automated decision making process

Saldo Finance - Your financial partner for all situations

Saldo Finance is a responsible lender. We operate not only in Lithuania, but also in Sweden and Finland. With more than ten years of responsible lending experience, we have been able to provide innovative and responsible lending solutions for private and business clients. At Saldo we distinguish ourselves by being able to provide quick and responsible loan options. You can always trust Saldo!

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How do I get approved for a loan with Saldo?

Choose the financing service or product you need

The first thing you need to do is choose one of our services or products. It will be easier to choose a service if you take into account your personal or business needs and current financial situation.

Fill out a loan application

Fill out our online application form. It only typically takes about 5 minutes.

Verify your identity

You can easily verify your identity using Ondato. Remember to have your documents ready for this step!

The money is immediately transferred to your account

After your application has been approved, your money is transferred straight to your bank account. The processing and approval of the application typically takes just a few minutes.

Why Choose Saldo Finance?

Saldo Finance has more than ten years of experience in providing a wide range of finance services to consumers. Because the majority of our application process is automated, we can provide you with a quick loan approval. We pride ourselves on being a reliable financial partner offering flexible lending solutions.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via on of the contacts listed on our page.


Saldo is a reliable, reputable loan provider with more than ten years of experience. We are supervised and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. .


Our lending process is fully automated, so this means that the application process generally takes less than a minute. We’ll always keep you up to date regarding changes in the status of your application. Within a few minutes of submitting the application, funds will be transferred directly to your bank account.


Saldo prides itself on conducting itself responsibly and honestly. We value each of our customers and treat each with respect and understanding.

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