Saldo Finance – responsible lender building new and innovative financial technology

Introducing Saldo Finance

Saldo Finance is an international and fully automated loan provider. We operate in Finland (as Saldo Finance Oyj), Sweden (as Tact Finance AB) and soon in Lithuania (as Saldo Finance UAB).

Our main area of expertise is responsible lending solutions for individuals and businesses. That involves providing a range of unsecured consumer loans and business loans for SMEs.

We’re always on the lookout for innovative and skilled people who can bring something new to our team. At present, there are a number of openings for talented individuals. You can see our job opportunities here or continue reading about Saldo here.

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Financial health of Lithuanian households during COVID-19

Statistics reveal demand for consumption loans in Lithuania is shrinking, with consumer loan portfolios of banks and credit unions falling 10% in a year. Despite declining interest rates, similar trends are observed in the non-banking sector.


How to Navigate as a Consumer in the Modern Financial World

It’s no surprise that the recent fallout from the COVID-19 Pandemic drastically transformed our reliance on technology. While most of us might know the most significant changes, unprecedented growth has come in the digital marketplace.


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The pandemic has disrupted traditional lending dynamics between banks and SMEs. Banks are not as willing to take risks on them. However, this has caused an opportunity for a burgeoning relationship between SMEs and Fintech to develop.


Consumer Loans: Why are Traditional Banks Losing Their Power?

Statistics produced by the Bank of Lithuania show that consumer loan portfolios of traditional banks and credit unions decreased by 6.5% in 2020 and the flow of new loans contracted by 3.5%. According to some experts, this is a trend mainly driven by a lower demand for money. COVID-19 and a higher degree of uncertainty has had a negative impact on consumption, which reduced household borrowing overall.