Saldo as a company

We’re a responsible lender with an active interest in building new and innovative financial technology.

Our multi-talented team creates financing solutions that solve the daily problems of our valued customers.

Introducing Saldo

Saldo Finance UAB is a Nordic fintech company. We’re proud to be the leading provider of automated credit and payment solutions in Finland, Sweden and soon in Lithuania.

This includes flexible and customised loans for businesses and consumers. Our responsible approach to lending supports the long-term global expansion of our corporate clients.

Saldo Finance UAB was established in 2019 and will offer loan services in Lithuania, starting in autumn 2020. Our mission is to deliver automated solutions that quickly and effectively address the borrowing needs of our customers.

All of our services are structured and created in-house by our team of finance and technology experts. We have 35 dedicated professionals working together to make Saldo the #1 player in the industry.

Saldo’s big vision is to be an internationally recognised and trusted financial services partner. Our advanced technological knowledge will enable purchases and payments across an ever- increasing range of sales channels.

Saldo Finance Oyj

In Finland, we’re known by the name Saldo Finance Oyi. We’ve been offering affordable loan products for local consumers and businesses here since 2006.

Tact Finance AB

Tact Finance AB is our official name in Sweden, where we provide affordable and unsecured loans for Swedish households.

Saldo’s strategy

At Saldo, we care deeply about being a responsible lender that connects our clients with cutting-edge technology and financial services.

Our automated lending system helps businesses to scale their profits and international presence. We have a proprietary scoring system that allows us to check each customer’s financial health, and then tailor a loan to their unique situation. This system can be easily connected to any of our partner platforms.

The wellbeing of our employees is always front of mind for us. We give team members the opportunity to continually develop their knowledge and skills. It’s hardly surprising that so many of them stick around for the long term. Our people are some of the most committed, professional and experienced you’ll find anywhere in this business.

To find out more about career opportunities at Saldo click here.

We’re establishing new sales channels and customer bases through our partnership model. Our evolving financial services are driven by rising demand and the need to adapt to changing industry regulations. Continued investment is set to deliver further growth and improvement in our financial technology, automated processes, and scalable and responsible operations.

Saldo’s values


For us, responsibility means being a reliable partner and employer. Our lending policies take into account our clients’ financial health, and we always comply with local laws and regulations. We’re also a socially conscious and responsible corporate taxpayer.

Technological Pioneers

We’ve always invested in developing and improving our own financial technology. Right now, we’re utilising the very latest technology - including AI and machine learning - in our operations. Our pledge to all of our customers and partners is that they’ll benefit from the most advanced solutions in the field.

Continuous Innovation

We encourage our people to expand their knowledge and skills base - particularly in the area of technology. Every member of staff is responsible for innovation and, as their employer, it’s our responsibility to provide a working environment that lets them unleash their creative potential.