10/12/2021 8:28 AM

Customer service specialist – the voice of the company

When Saldo launched its loan services in Lithuania at the beginning of 2021, Rusnė was the first Customer Service Specialist recruited.

Often the first point of contact for valued customers, Rusnė is tasked with representing the Saldo values in every interaction. She’s the helpful voice they hear when our number is dialled.

“I assist our customers in answering any questions they might have about our products and services, and guide them through the loan application if they need a little extra help”, said Rusnė.

Rusnė is a perfect fit for the multi-dimensional role. After applying online she sparkled through two interviews, showing initiative, an understanding of the brand and a great attitude. If you ask Rusnė, Saldo is a perfect fit for her too.

”I was looking for a position in the finance sector, preferably in an international company. When I found this role advertised, I did some background research into Saldo and saw a young, energetic company I wanted to be a part of. Two rounds of interviews and the rest is history,” she said.

Communication skills in a key role

Rusnė’s communication skills stood out during the interview process, and were key in her securing the job with Saldo. When it comes to customer service, exceptional communication skills are essential. It’s how we develop and maintain customer relationships, and ensure they feel heard and valued.

Difficult situations can arise from time to time, and it often falls to Rusnė to diffuse the situation and recover the customer’s experience. Ensuring their feedback is passed to the correct department within Saldo makes Rusnė invaluable to how we learn and improve as a company.

“The most interesting part of my job is communicating with lots of different people. The most challenging part is being the middle person between customers and other Saldo employees. I have to think on my feet and be ready to solve any problems our customers might have, and ensure that issue is passed on to the right person with as much accurate information as possible”, Rusnė says.

Rusnė has also assumed the responsibility of onboarding new employees and ensuring they’re settled, trained and ready to take on the world.

For Rusnė, Saldo’s internationality was a real drawcard, as it gives rise to so many possibilities for career advancement. She hopes to learn and grow as much as she can with Saldo, and will be keeping a close eye on internal vacancies at home and in other countries.