14/10/2021 11.41

New service: Saldo SME loan program offers partner status to clients

Corporates now have the possibility to become Saldo partners via a new corporate loans program that will give businesses in Finland a much needed boost. Saldo’s aim is to streamline the process by empowering B2B SMEs, cutting out unnecessary paperwork and confusing clauses, and putting an end to financing delays.

In partnering with Saldo via the SME loan program, companies will be able to offer their clients a convenient way of financing a deposit or entire payment for products ordered or services rendered. In addition to the benefit of smoother business operations, partner companies will be rewarded for each Saldo SME loan approved.

Partner companies have the option of walking their clients through the online application, or allowing the client to complete the form independently. As with all Saldo’s loan applications, the approval process is automated and swift. Both the client and partner company are notified immediately, and funds transferred to the nominated account.

Saldo SME loans start from €1,000 and are capped at €15,000. Full repayment should be made within 1 - 18 months.

More information is available in Finnish on the Saldo website. For an English translation, or more information on the Saldo SME loan offering, contact Account Manager Matias Sjöblom at matias.sjoblom @ saldo.com or on +358 50 357 2988.

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