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We are a trustworthy and reliable Nordic fintech company. We pay close attention to the financial needs and profile of every one of our customers.

Each loan decision is evaluated on an individual basis.


We are techies at heart, and we strive to make the most of latest technologies to create the best possible customer experiences. Our completely digital, document-free applications are just one of the perks of tech.


Our products and customer service adapt to the ever-changing everyday and everyone’s personal needs. Need a loan right away? No problem. Chat, email, app, call? We got you.


We make sure our customers can keep their finances in order. Our dynamic pricing and monthly instalments allows tailoring to each customer, taking into account their life situation and everyday spending.


No hidden fees, no shady stuff. Our communications is always jargon free and to the point. We keep our promises and create digital products like they should have been done since the get-go. We take pride in being a responsible lender.

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4.65 / 5

6670 reviews logo
kaunela t

Helppo nopea turvallinen.

2 years ago
kytöneva t

Selkeä ja toimiva Hyvä kaikkiaan

2 years ago
janhonen v

Kaikki toiminu ja selkeät sivut

2 years ago
hirvikallio a

Tämä oli loistavaa palvelua ja sain päätöksen todella nopeasti. Kiitos Yt. Annina Hirvikallio

2 years ago
johanna m

Nopea, mutkaton

3 months ago
arto p

Asiallinen suhtautuminen asiakkaaseen.

3 months ago

Why choose our financial products?

Our loans are highly personalised, with every detail tailored to your individual financial situation. You can get an affordable loan for practically any situation from our versatile range of lending products.

The application is fast and easy to complete. We don’t require income statements or any other guarantees. We’ll give you a decision on your loan application immediately and the cash will be available to you straight away.

As a valued customer, you’ll gain access to our Saldo Internet Bank service which you can use to manage your loans.

  • We’ll structure an affordable loan that meets your needs

  • You’ll receive a personalised loan and repayment plan

  • If required, the loan capital will be transferred to your bank straight away

Have a question? We answered most of them already.

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You can apply for a consumer loan, if you live in Finland, you are over 18 years old and your financial situation allows for the repayment of the loan. We check the repayment ability of our customers electronically, so you do not have to send any paper documents. Consumer loans are always personal and you can not apply for them with other people.

All loans applications are online, which means they will be processed immediately. Consumer loans can be used immediately after completing the application process, which means the processing takes up only 3 - 5 minutes at best.

If you have been granted a loan between 23:00 and 07:00, the first withdrawal or loan will be transferred to your account after 07:00 according to the law. Subsequent withdrawals will be transferred to your account immediately, regardless of the time of day.

The interest rates are determined by the financial situation of the customer. Every customer gets a personalized offer, which has an interest rate calculated for the customer specifically. You can find out your own interest rate only by filling in a loan application. Filling the application does not oblige you to anything and the customer always has a 14 day cancellation period.

Our loans are very different in terms of repayment, which makes our loan services versatile and flexible.

For example, the revolving credit doesn’t have a fixed loan term. You can access the loan again as you pay the repayments.

When applying for the consumer loan, you can choose a suitable monthly repayment amount from 1 - 5 options and choose a suitable loan term. Loan terms vary between 12 and 88 months depending on the loan amount and the size of the monthly repayments.

Our car loan is also repaid in fixed monthly repayments, which are determined by the loan amount. You can still choose a loan term just like with the consumer loan.

Yes. You can apply for new loans through Saldo Bank, but we check your ability to repay with every new application.

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