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You will get a loan decision immediately after filling in the application regardless of the time or day of week. You can usually get the money to your bank account immediately, if you desire.

The bank account can only be used by one customer. We suggest you always use your own bank account.

Our customers get a personal loan offer, so the contract terms are always individual. The loan application can be rejected if it has been filled incorrectly, or if the customer has a payment default. Our risk analysis can also prevent granting a loan.

If you have a revolving credit, you can make new withdrawals any time from Saldo Internet Bank.

If you have a consumer loan, you can apply for a second loan once 90 days have past since your previous granted loan and you are up to date with your payments.

Kreditz is a company that provides companies and individuals with a service that makes, for example, the provision and use of financial services safer and more reliable.

With the help of the service, we can ensure the financial situation and solvency of the loan applicant. We use the service to prevent problems caused by possible over-indebtedness and to provide customers with personalized loan offers that are as well and accurately tailored as possible.

You can check the status of your billing through Saldo Internet bank. When logged in, you can see if the invoice is marked paid or if it is still open. In unclear situations you can always contact our customer support.

All your invoices can be found in Saldo Internet Bank, where you can also pay your repayments. At the same time you can check the method of billing and your contact information.

The payment will always be registered immediately when paying through Saldo Internet Bank.

If you want to pay the whole loan, you can check the total amount in Saldo Internet Bank or through our customer support. You can pay larger monthly repayments without notifying us. You can not pay many installments at one time, but larger payments shorten your loan term.

You can always see the remaining amount from our Saldo Internet Bank.

From time to time our customers accidentally fill their phone number wrong. You can contact our customer support so we can remove the incorrect phone number from our system.

You can, if you have sent us a power of attorney, or the borrower has notified us. You can send us a power of attorney through mail, or give us authorization by calling on the phone.

In both cases, you can contact our customer support. The loan prohibition is permanent, so if it will be set, it cannot be removed.

A loan contract has a 14 day cancellation period, starting from the moment you make the contract. If you want to cancel a loan contract, contact our customer support. A loan contract can be terminated when the loan has been completely repaid. You can contact our customer support to get a contract terminated.