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Business loan provided by Tact Finance Oy

  • Now up to 50 000 €
  • Flexible funding conditions

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Monthly payment:€373.28
Interest rate:22,8 %
Loan management fee:€0 / month
Total to repay:€2,239.68
This is only an estimation. Apply to get the offer!* Application process is in Finnish

Get money in

5 min

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Maturity up to

18 months

Interest rate from

The SME loan is a secured loan of 1 000–50 000 € with a payment period of 1–18 months. Monthly payment from 79,23 € / month. Interest from 0 %, fixed cost is determined by the loan offer.

SME loan for companies of all sizes

You can now apply for an affordable and flexible SME Loan and get a loan up to € 50 000 for the needs of your company. With our automatic loan application process, we can give a loan decision immediately and the loan will be available to use in minutes.

Tact Finance Oy has offered different kinds of financing solutions to consumers in Finland since 2006. You can have them as your trustworthy and responsible partner to support your business when it is time to grow, to make new investments or to hire new workers.

You are eligible for a SME loan from Saldo as long as your company is a:

  • Limited company
  • Cooperative business
  • Limited partnership
  • Joint-stock company
  • Sole proprietor

Fast process

  • 1

    Tell us how much money you need, and your preferred monthly repayment

    Choose the loan amount between € 1 000–50 000.

  • 2

    Fill out the application

    Fill in your company details and the signatories.

  • 3

    Verify your identity

    Get ready to verify your identity.

  • 4

    Transfer to your bank account

    You will receive the money within minutes after an approved application!

Apply for a business loan
No printing of loan documents needed

Loan decision and funds to invest immediately

SME Loan without collateral

Get business financing with an electronic application

With our electronic application you will get a SME loan precisely when you need it. Our automated loan processing enables us to grant loans to companies without requiring collateral and to transfer the money immediately for your business to invest.

The rate for the SME loan is always calculated individually and only by filling in the loan application, you can find out what we can offer your business.

  • Get support for starting up a new business

  • Hire new employees

  • Invest to expand your business

  • Get new equipment or repair old

SME loans granted by Tact Finance Oy

Tact Finance Oy is a Finnish financing company offering flexible, effortless and reliable loan services since 2006. Tact Finance is specialized in producing automated services, and our goal is to offer flexible real-time financing solutions to both consumers and companies.

The provided services are not bound to traditional business hours, instead they follow the needs of our customers, servicing those who need loans any hour of the day, all year round. Our customer support is also available to help with any loan related questions every day.

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