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Term deposit

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  • Saldo Bank term deposits
  • The deposit term can vary from 6 months up to 24 months
  • The minimum deposit amount is 100 EUR

How much can you earn?

Term:12 months
Interest rate:4,3 %
* Application process is in Finnish

Deposit in

5 min

Contract fee

0 €

Right of cancellation

14 days

Interest rate up to

Minimum deposit €100. Your term deposit is covered by the deposit protection.

Term deposit - what it is?

A term deposit is the process of keeping a specific amount of money in a financial institution for an agreed period of time. The institution pays interest for the time they hold the money. The amount of interest and the payout frequency are determined on the day of signing the deposit contract. Remember that term deposits cannot be terminated until the agreed period of time passes.

A term deposit is one of the most reliable ways to generate passive income and to get your money that you set aside for saving working for you. Since the interest rate is agreed in advance, any financial institution is committed to it for the agreed period. This way, your money doesn’t lose value due to inflation or other market changes.

Saldo Bank term deposits have many advantages

High interest rates

Saldo Bank provides fixed term deposit interest rates that are higher than the general market offering

Fast registration

Our registration system is extremely fast: you can create an account to open a term deposit at any time of the day.


Your term deposits are insured by the SE Deposit and Investment Insurance. The total amount of insurance for all your deposits combined is up to €100,000, irrespective of the number of deposits you have. It's important to note that even if you have multiple deposits with Saldo, the total insured amount will not exceed €100,000 as stipulated by the guarantee system.


You can transfer money to Saldo Bank term deposit account from any bank.

Fast process

  • 1

    Fill in the application

    The application is completely automated and online so you can apply for a term deposit directly from our website. The application is open for everyone, even if you are not yet a Saldo Bank customer.

  • 2

    Verify your identity

    You will be required to verify your identity to ensure a safe process.

  • 3

    Sign the deposit agreement

    Sign the deposit agreement and accept the terms and conditions provided. The contract specifies the amount, term and interest rate for the term deposit.

  • 4

    Transfer the deposit

    After signing the term deposit agreement, you will have 10 days to transfer the deposit amount to the provided bank account. The transfer should be made to our Lithuanian parent company Saldo Bank UAB. If the money is not received within 10 days, the deposit agreement will be terminated. You can make the transfer from your chosen bank account.


Term deposit and its conditions

The term deposit sum can be between €100 - €100 000
The maximum amount that you can keep in Saldo Bank term deposit accounts is €200 000
The deposit term can vary from 6 months up to 24 months
Accrued interest is paid on the following bank date of the due date of the deposit.
Saldo Bank term deposits are accepted in Euros
In some cases, we may ask for additional documents to open a term deposit account

Interest rate returns

In the table you can find and compare term deposit returns which depend on the deposit amount and period.

6-8 months9-11 months12-18 months18-24 months
3,85 %3,60 %4,30 %4,30 %
5000 €10 000 €15 000 €
6 months96,25 €192,50 €288,75 €
9 months135 €270 €405 €
12 months215 €430 €645 €
24 months430 €860 €1290 €

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Term deposit is a financial tool that allows you to keep a specific amount of money in a bank or other financial institution for an agreed period of time, for which the bank or other financial institution pays interest.

This is one of the most stable ways to get passive income and get your money working for you. With term deposits, your money won’t lose so much value due to inflation or other market changes. Irrevocable term deposit can only be cancelled and taken out before term under special circumstances.

A big difference between a term deposit account and a savings account is the fixed term and a fixed interest rate.

A fixed interest rate means that you are guaranteed a specific return on your savings at the end of your deposit and the interest rate will not fluctuate. For savings accounts the interest rates are not fixed and can fluctuate based on the market.

Term deposits also offer higher interest rates in general than savings accounts, since you commit to keep your money on the account for a longer period.

Yes, all term deposits up to €100 000 per person are insured. Note that the limit is per person and not per term deposit agreement.

The shortest term of the term deposit is 6 months, the longest is 24 months.

The minimum term deposit amount is 100 EUR and the maximum is 100 000 EUR.

A fixed-term deposit cannot be withdrawn before the agreed maturity date of the deposit.

Accrued interest is paid on the following bank date of the due date of the deposit.

No, the term deposit cannot be extended but it can be renewed for the same term but with the updated interest rate for that specific day.

After you enter into a term deposit agreement, all information about your deposit, including accrued interest and contracts, will be available on our internet bank.

The process of entering into the contract is completely remote. You can fill out the application, identify yourself and sign the contract remotely on our website

The current interest rate for a 12 month term deposit is 4,30%, but interest rates are subject to change.

After signing the term deposit agreement, you will have 10 days to transfer the deposit amount to the provided bank account.

When your deposit expires, the accrued interest is transferred to your account and you can withdraw the deposit.

If the deposit is not withdrawn within 30 days, the term deposit is renewed.

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