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Monthly payment Loan period: 31 months

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Consumer loan is an unsecured loan of up to 3 000 € and has an annual interest rate of 9 – 39 %. Administration fee: 5,00 – 10,00 €/month. Annual percentage rate of charge (APR): 26,4 – 84,7 %. Loan period: 10 – 37 months. Monthly payment: 29,00 – 239,00 €.

Example of loan repayment: The annual interest rate of 29 % and the loan administration fee of 5,95 € per month is applied for a 1 500 € loan with 36 monthly installments. The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) for this loan is 65,14 %. The total amount to be paid by the customer (the sum of the total loan amount and total loan costs) is 2 477,11 €, while the monthly installment is 68,11 €.

Consumer loans from 500–3 000
Monthly repayment from € 29

Personal pricing

At Saldo, customers always get a personal loan offer. By filling out our online application, you will find out your personal pricing.

We will show you several options with different maturities and payment rates to choose from. You are free to choose the loan offer which based fits your personal needs and repayment possibilities.

We recognize that everyone’s situation is different. That’s why we offer individual rates to suit each client’s financial circumstances. Everything is transparent and there are no hidden fees. You can find all our fees below in our price list.

Consumer credit

Interest rates and costs

  • Costs
  • Costs Nominal interest rate
    Between 9–39%
  • Costs Annual percentage rate
    Between 26,4 – 84,7 %
  • Costs Monthly payment
    From € 29 to € 239

Other expenses


  • Costs
  • Costs First certificate of interest and balance sheet at the request of debtors
    € 0.00
  • Costs Second certificate of interest and balance sheet at the request of the borrowers
    min. € 35.00 or € 70.00 / hour
  • Costs Clarification / examination at the request of the client
    min. € 35.00 or € 70.00 / hour
  • Costs Overpayment recovery
    € 10.00