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Monthly payment:€99
Interest rate:18.96%
Minimum monthly payment:€4.95 / month
Total to repay:€3,585.48
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14 days

Interest rate from

Consumer loan is an unsecured loan of up to 3 000 € and has an interest rate of 9 – 39 %. Administration fee: 5,00 – 10,00 €/month. Annual percentage rate of charge (APR): 26,4 – 84,7 %. Loan period: 10 – 37 months. Monthly payment: 29,00 – 239,00 €.

Example of loan repayment: The interest rate of 29 % and the loan administration fee of 5,95 € per month is applied for a 1 500 € loan with 36 monthly installments. The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) for this loan is 65,14 %. The total amount to be paid by the customer (the sum of the total loan amount and total loan costs) is 2 477,11 €, while the monthly installment is 68,11 €.

Standard European Consumer Credit Information

Saldo loans

Here you can get a loan on flexible terms!

Maybe you need extra cash to repair your home, to buy a new car or take that trip abroad you’ve always wanted? Saldo is here to help! Simply fill out our loan application and have the funds in your account and ready to use in just a few minutes.

Our process is automated and doesn’t require you to send any physical documents. This means you won’t have to deal with any unnecessary delays.

In just a few minutes, you can get approval for a consumer loan of up to € 3 000.

Saldo also offers SME loans to small and medium-sized businesses up to € 10 000.

Fast process

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    Tell us how much money you need, and your preferred monthly repayment

    Everyone’s financial situation is different. Start by choosing the Saldo service or product that suits you by taking into account your personal or business needs and current financial status.

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    Fill out the loan application

    Fill out our online application form. It should only take about 5 minutes.

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    Verify your identity

    Get ready to verify your identity using Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or Ondato.

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    The money is immediately transferred to your account

    As soon as your application is approved, the money is transferred directly to your nominated IBAN bank account.

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Our loan services

Consumer loan

A consumer loan is a convenient way to borrow when you need extra cash for expected or unexpected situations. You can get approval for a Saldo consumer loan online in just a few minutes.

Consumer loans are available for amounts up to € 3 000. Our automated system reviews and approves successful applications almost instantly. As soon as the application is approved, the full amount is transferred to your bank account.

Just imagine, it takes less than 10 minutes from filling out the application to paying for the purchase in full.

Our system is based on SODRA data and solvency assessment by Scorify. This data ensures that all lending is conducted responsibly.

Every Saldo customer receives an individual offer for a consumer loan. This includes the best loan terms we can provide. Saldo’s attractive interest rates range from just 9% to 39%.

SME loan

This service is suitable for small and medium sized businesses. Companies and enterprises can apply for a loan of up to € 10 000. Our online application process is quick and easy.

From start to finish, the application takes just a couple of minutes. Your business loan will be approved almost instantly, allowing you to stop worrying about cash flow and focus on developing and growing your business. Getting a loan is now extremely easy!

Once the application is approved, the money will be paid immediately to the company's bank account. All applications are assessed individually and each client receives an individual offer for a business loan.

Get a loan online

The normal process of getting a loan is typically long and complicated. Saldo Finance aims to make everything easier and help you and those who need it to borrow easily online.

This is exactly what we have been doing for more than a decade!

By avoiding physical queues and digitizing the process of issuing and receiving loans, Saldo can save you time and help you meet your financial goals faster. With Saldo, you can get approval for a consumer loan in just a few minutes. We also provide revolving credit and business loans.

Your data is secure with Saldo. Fill out the application now and get the cheapest loan from Saldo!

Have a question? We answered most of them already.

Cannot find answer to your question?

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Getting approval for a loan online with Saldo Bank is extremely easy. Clients get their own tailored loan offer. We have also automated the loan process, so it is likely that Saldo Bank will offer you the most attractive terms.

Getting the cheap loan consists of several things. First of all, it is necessary to assess the interest rate of the loan received. For example, the annual interest rate on a Saldo Consumer Loan starts at 9% (nine percent), so you will be able to borrow on extremely attractive terms. It is also necessary to assess the administrative fees, which, in the case of the Saldo Bank, are really small.

You'll get access to cheap and fast loan online just by filling out Saldo Bank’s application! We hope that we have answered your question - "How to get a loan?"

There are a few things that consumers should know about obtaining and issuing loans:

1. Every company and person engaged in lending services, including Saldo Bank, shall be closely supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

2. Any provider of lending and other related services, including Saldo Bank, may engage in and provide only certain types of services.

3. The Bank of Lithuania grants a license to lend only to those companies that meet the bank's strict criteria and requirements. Saldo Bank meets all these requirements.

4. It is necessary to borrow responsibly and carefully. One’s financial capabilities and current situation, including ability to repay, should be taken into careful consideration before borrowing.

5. If you are borrowing for the first time and you have completed the application after 22 hours, the money will only be transferred to your account the next morning, after 7 hours.

6. Saldo Bank comply with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. All lending platforms and lenders work with SODRA to lend responsibly and transparently.

7. UAB Saldo Bank was established in Lithuania in 2020, and started providing lending services in 2021.

The provision of loans is supervised and strictly regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. Not only do they periodically inspect all financial market participants, but also they also actively monitor consumer loan providers to ensure transparent and responsible lending to the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and businesses located here.

You can read more about the supervision of financial market participants on the Bank of Lithuania's website.

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