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Consent to the customer's spouse to the processing of personal data


1.1. Customer’s Spouse means a natural person who signed this consent and who is the spouse of the Customer using or intending to use the products offered by the Lender.

1.2. Customer means a natural person who signed this consent and who uses or intends to use the products offered by the Lender.

1.3. Lender means “Saldo Bank” UAB, company number 305334925, registered office at Žalgirio g. 94-1, Vilnius, Lithuania. Consent means this consent of the Customer’s Spouse regarding the processing of personal data.

1.4. Third Party means a person other than the Customer or the Lender.


2.1. The Lender processes personal data of the Customer’s Spouse for the following purposes:

2.1.1. To ensure performance of the obligations arising out of the Resolution of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania approving the regulations on the assessment of consumer creditworthiness and on responsible lending adopted on 19 March 2013. Personal data is processed to properly assess the borrower’s possibilities to assume a particular financial obligation.

2.1.2. Considering the fact that the consumer credit requested by the Customer will be intended for the family needs, the data of the Customer’s Spouse is necessary to enable the Lender to properly assess the Customer’s possibilities to repay the consumer credit and pay the interest as well as other fees and charges as set out in the credit agreement from the Customer’s family income and/or assets in case the Customer is unable to perform the assumed financial obligations from his/her income.

2.1.3. To assess creditworthiness of the Customer’s Spouse based on the data contained in the databases and registers.


3.1. The Lender undertakes to process only those personal data of the Customer’s Spouse which the Lender has learned from the Customer and the Customer’s Spouse in communication with him/her and those which have been obtained from the following sources:

3.1.1. from credit institutions;

3.1.2. from the State Social Insurance Fund Board under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania;

3.1.3. from public registers: the Population Register (Register of Residents), the Register of Property Seizure Acts,

3.1.4. from “Scorify” UAB (company number: 302423183, address: Olimpiečių 1A-24, Vilnius, Lithuania);

3.1.5. from “Creditinfo Lietuva” UAB (company number: 111689163, address: A. Goštauto g. 40A, Vilnius, Lithuania);

3.1.6. from supervisory authorities,

3.1.7. from independent credit intermediation companies.

3.2. The Lender processes the following personal data:

3.2.1. data about the person (the name, surname, date of birth, personal identification number, job position of the Customer’s Spouse),

3.2.2. contact information (the telephone number, declared place of residence (address), e-mail of the Customer’s Spouse),

3.2.3. data on the marital status of the Customer’s Spouse (the marital status, number of minor children),

3.2.4. data related to creditworthiness assessment and debt administration of the Customer’s Spouse (the family income of the Customer and the Customer’s Spouse, a type of their income, assets, financial liabilities to financial institutions or other persons, information on delays in fulfilling current or past financial obligations, history of fulfilment of obligations, information about current and former employers, employment and dismissals, received and granted permanent and single social benefits, circumstances that may affect economic or financial situation of the Customer’s Spouse or his/her ability to repay the loan and (or) pay its price, suretyships granted, other significant circumstances related to the financial position of the Customer’s Spouse or ability to properly perform obligations),

3.2.5. data concerning whether the Customer’s Spouse is / is not included in the Register of Legally Incapable Persons and Persons with Limited Legal Capacity; data concerning whether he / she is / is not included in the list kept by the supervisory authority and containing individuals concerning which applications are filed to prevent them from entering into consumer credit agreements.


4.1 In accordance with the requirements established by legal acts, the Lender may transfer personal data of the Customer’s Spouse to the following data recipients:

4.1.1.other companies which belong to the same group as the Lender,

4.1.2. banks, credit and financial institutions that provide financial services, “Scorify” UAB , “Creditinfo Lietuva” UAB and the Bank of Lithuania as the manager of the Loan Risk Database.

4.2. The Lender shall provide personal data of the Customer’s Spouse only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes listed in Section 3 of this Consent.


5.1. The Customer’s Spouse has the right at any time to obtain information about his / her personal data and the purposes for which they are processed, as well as to request the rectification of incorrect data, as well as to receive information about the data used to assess creditworthiness of the Customer’s Spouse. The Customer’s Spouse has the right to demand that the Lender terminates the processing of his / her data, except in cases when the processing of data is mandatory by laws.

5.2. The Customer’s Spouse has the right to request the Lender for the information on the processing of his / her personal data by sending a request to: “Saldo Bank” UAB (company number 305334925, address Žalgirio g. 94-1, Vilnius, Lithuania) or e-mail: The Lender undertakes to provide the Customer’s Spouse with the information no later than within 30 calendar days from receipt of the request from the Customer’s Spouse.

5.3. If the Customer’s Spouse believes that the Lender has infringed the his / her rights in processing personal data, the Customer’s Spouse has the right to apply to the Lender at any time with a request to eliminate the infringement.

5.4. The Customer’s Spouse has the right to apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate or the competent Lithuanian court at any time for the defence of the infringed rights of the Customer’s Spouse.


6.1. The Customer’s Spouse acknowledges having read the provisions of this Consent.

6.2. The Customer’s Spouse acknowledges that all the provisions of this Consent are clear and understandable to him / her.

6.3. The Customer’s Spouse hereby consents to the processing of his / her personal data by the Lender to the extent and for the purposes specified in this Consent.

6.4. The Consent shall expire after 10 (ten) years from the end of business relationship with the Customer.

6.5. I am aware that withdrawal of my consent does not affect lawfulness of the personal data processing conducted based on consent prior to the withdrawal.

6.6. The consent may be withdrawn by an e-mail to