11/11/2022 1:52 PM

Saldo holds steady in Fintech Farm’s 2022 guide

The 2022 edition of Fintech Farm’s prestigious annual guide to Finland’s largest fintech companies and start-ups has been released, with Saldo being named in the guide for the third year running.

In 2021, Saldo graduated from the ‘Scale Up’ category and was recognised for the first time as an ‘Established’ company. With a decade of experience, the company was praised for its stable business model, which withstood the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2022 came with a new set of challenges, in the shape of regulatory reform that has limited the consumer lending sector. Saldo maintained its standing in the ‘Established’ category and despite reporting a decrease in profits, the company remains in the top ten for revenue.

As Saldo leans on its sturdy business model and remains committed to its plans for growth, the company expects to gain on this year’s results quickly.

With an SME loan product recently launched in Lithuania, the company is now working to fulfill the operational requirements of a neobank in Lithuania, after which the license will be transferred to Finland and Sweden.

Fintech Farm’s guide is produced each year by the digital finance service provider using official statements which, in Finland, are classified as public information.