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Read These Financial Blogs


Do you want to learn more about finance? Are you curious about where to start? Check out some financial blogs to start learning about money for free.

Be sure to read a few blogs to find one that covers the financial topics you want to learn. Then, you can read all of the existing posts and follow the blog for updates.

Read on for a list of the best financial blogs.

The Poor Swiss

The Poor Swiss is an excellent financial blog that covers multiple financial topics. Some of the blog posts focus on:

  • Bonds and bond funds

  • Robo-advisors

  • Digital bank accounts

  • European portfolios

Whether you're new to finance or want to learn more, you should check out this blog. The blogger behind The Poor Swiss also shares some of his top tools and free resources to further help you.

He publishes new posts regularly, so there's always something to read. Once you catch up, you can go back to the blog a few times a week to learn more.

Total Balance

If you're interested in the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) lifestyle, check out Total Balance. The blog focuses on the writer's journey to becoming financially independent, and there are monthly updates as well as other informational posts.

As the name suggests, the blog also focuses on the total balance necessary to retire early. You can find tips for beginners, property investing, and more.

There are about three years worth of posts that you can read, so you can start from the beginning. Reading this blog is a great way to learn about finance and give yourself the motivation to save for early retirement.

Roadtrip to FIRE

Another blog to read if you want to learn about FIRE is the Roadtrip to FIRE. The blog publishes new posts quite often, so there's always something new to read and learn from. Posts talk about portfolios, different currencies, and other topics.

You can view the blogger's page of recommendations for other financial books, brokers, and other resources. The blog focuses a lot on different ways to make passive income, so it's great for anyone looking to earn some extra money.

Beginners and people with financial knowledge can benefit from this blog. If you don't want to miss a post, you can even follow it via email.

Foxy Monkey

Foxy Monkey is a financial blog based in the United Kingdom, but the information can apply to people in different countries. Topics on the blog include:

  • Investing

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Income/making money

You can learn about how to increase your earnings with those different topics. The blogger shares different things you can do to make more money, and some of those things have worked for him.

While this blog doesn't have new posts as often as other blogs, there are quite a few posts. If you want to hear more from them, you can subscribe to emails every other week.

Financial Gladiator

Another great blog to follow regarding FIRE, and finance in general, is Financial Gladiator. Some of the posts focus on saving money, investing, and getting control through financial independence.

Unfortunately, this blog doesn't have new posts that often, but it does focus on finances for Europeans. Many other blogs and financial websites have featured this blog, so it's a great resource.

Jean Galea

Jean Galea's blog is about multiple different topics, including finance. He works as an investor, and his blog covers crowdfunding, portfolio building, and similar content.

You can find new posts each week, so you don't have to worry about running out of articles to read. And if you prefer to listen to financial advice, you can check out Galea's podcast.

He also has written plenty of guides on finance, so you can learn a lot about specific aspects. Then, you can use that information when deciding what to do with your money. It's a fantastic blog for learning about finance, whether you're a beginner or not.

Broke Investor

The next financial blog you should read is Broke Investor. Like some of the other financial blogs, it doesn't share new content that often. However, the content that's there is informative and covers:

  • Portfolios

  • Passive income

  • Investing

The posts go back to 2017, so there are plenty of articles for you to check out. That way, you can learn a ton about finance.

This blog is based in Lithuania, and the blogger works for a Scandinavian bank. It is perfect for readers who want to learn about finance in those parts of Europe.


A Swedish blog, Investacus, covers many financial topics, from investing to financial analysis. While the blog is in Swedish, there are some English posts, so there's something for everyone in Europe.

The blog doesn't have a consistent schedule, but they do post every few months. You can read through each of the posts to learn about finance, and you can follow the blog on Twitter and Facebook to learn more and find out about new posts.


Stockles hasn't had a new post in quite a while, but the content is still valuable. The blog owner is a private investor and has over a decade of experience in the industry.

You can learn about everything from dividends to portfolios to passive income. This blog also has a list of resources, including other finance and investing websites. These resources are great for getting started with investing.


Monevator is another fantastic financial blog for Europeans. Topics cover saving, investing, and making money, and the tagline is "motivation for the armchair investor."

The variety of topics makes it a great resource for new investors, and the archives go back over a decade. You can spend tons of time learning about finance, and that long list of posts means there's something for everyone.

The blog search bar makes it easy to find topics that interest you. And you can subscribe to get new blog posts sent to your inbox.

Which Financial Blogs Will You Read?

Some of the best financial blogs cover different topics, and what one person likes may not appeal to someone else. Fortunately, European blogs are just as versatile as financial and money goals.

Check out each of the blogs on this list to help you learn about finance.


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