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How Consumer Confidence is Affecting the Consumer Lending Market

According to data sourced from the Bank of Lithuania, the consumer lending market is experiencing a rapid recovery in Lithuania.


Personalization of Loans – Fintech Innovation

For a long time, the main goal in banking loans was to offer users the fastest approval and quick access to their money.


Saldo finds exceptional legal counsel in a law student

Saldo prides itself on recognising the potential in candidates. Anna, a fourth-year Law student, is one of those shining stars.


What is Happening to Loans in Europe?

As the world emerges from a pandemic, ongoing political instability, and financial changes such as Brexit, questions about the changing loan market landscape in Europe have arisen. How have changes in the world affected interest rates? Are loan amounts increasing? How has the pandemic affected European financial markets and the loan markets of Lithuania and Scandinavia?


Coding across borders

Saldo’s twenty-plus software developers are located in Finland and Lithuania. With the virtual commute from Vilnius to Turku only taking seconds, cross-border collaboration between front-end, back-end and full-stack developers is seamless.


Financial Health of Lithuanian Banks after COVID-19

As the sun sets on the COVID-19 pandemic, collateral damage is being assessed. The impact on businesses has varied drastically: some failed while others flourished. An analysis of Lithuanian banks reveals how financial institutions navigated the tough times, and offers insight into preparedness for the recovery of the economy and associated challenges.


From Finland to the world: plans for internationalisation progress

As planned, Saldo Finance Plc opened its lending operations in Lithuania during the first quarter of 2021.


Strong sales skills - Account Manager

Matias is Saldo’s first Account Manager hire with a specialisation in corporate lending. Recruited in early 2021 to support our SME loans program, Matias has been invaluable in advising and guiding corporate clients on their lending.