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How Has COVID-19 Affected Consumers' Savings in Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees in a remarkably short amount of time. Fortunately, with more people getting vaccinated, the effects of the pandemic are slowly but surely receding into the past as nations in Europe move forward.


Customer service specialist – the voice of the company

When Saldo launched its loan services in Lithuania at the beginning of 2021, Rusnė was the first Customer Service Specialist recruited.


Read These Financial Blogs

Do you want to learn more about finance? Are you curious about where to start? Check out some financial blogs to start learning about money for free.


Saldo named in Fintech Farm’s annual guide for the second year running

In 2019, Fintech Farm recognised Saldo as a provider to watch as it out-performed the Finnish fintech industry’s average growth by an impressive 59%. This year, Saldo advanced to the ‘Established’ category, and was recognised for overcoming 2020 challenges with an energetic and flexible approach.


The Recent Trends in the Lithuanian Consumer Credit Market

Bank of Lithuania has released the results of the consumer credit market analysis for the first half of 2021. Figures show that borrowing for consumption is recovering rapidly in Lithuania.


A return to reality: Money20/20 hosts first in-person event since COVID-19

After a year of virtual events, Money20/20 made a huge comeback in Amsterdam this week with more than 4,000 professionals and 1,500 companies in attendance.


International growth and SME loan services in focus

Saldo Finance Plc continued its steady progress during Q2 2021 despite the temporary legislation restricting consumer credits and direct marketing. Turnover was EUR 6,8 million (2021 Q1 EUR 7,5 million) and net profit EUR 4 million (2021 Q1 EUR 5,2 million).


The Safest and Most Productive Way to Invest

Many of us, particularly those who are members of younger generations, know that working hard for our entire adult lives won't get us rich. It seems you barely earn enough to sock money away in a retirement account in today’s world, let alone save anything.