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Additional services

When you need flexibility

We offer an extensive range of additional services to our consumer clients.

Additional services in MySaldo

We offer additional services to our revolving credit customers. The goal of our additional services is to give flexibility, so the loan and its payments will better fit in with your everyday life.

Your financial situation can be stable, but sometimes there are times when you need to be flexible with some payments. In these situations you can check your additional services from MySaldo and get some flexibility to your repayments.

The additional services we offer

  • Defer all repayment for a month
  • Skip a monthly repayment (but not interest or fee)
  • Cutting the monthly repayment in half for 3 months
  • Changing the due date of a payment
  • Changing billing method
  • Increasing the credit limit

How our additional services work

Deferring, skipping and cutting the monthly payment give a noticeable help to a tight financial situation.

When you skip a repayment for a month, you pay 0€ of the monthly repayment, which means you will only pay the interest rates and expenses. If you need flexibility for a longer time, you can cut the repayments in half for 3 months.

You can easily modify the monthly payments by activating additional services which affect the billing method or due date.

Changing the due date of payment applies to all your payments, not just one month’s payment. Changing the billing method changes a paper bill to an e-mail or vice versa. We recommend using an environmentally friendly e-mail bill instead of a paper invoice.

Additional service pricing

Services that affect the monthly repayments

Defer all repayment for a month0,00 €
Skip a monthly repayment (but not interest or fee)0,00 €
Cutting the monthly repayment in half for 3 months0,00 €

Services that affect billing

Changing the due date of payment0,00 €
Changing the billing method0,00 €