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Monthly payment Loan period: 36 months

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Saldo Limiitti is a continuous loan of up to 2 000 € with an interest rate of 19,9 %, effective annual interest rate (APR) 29,6 %. Loan management fee 0,01 % per day calculated according to the credit limit and the loan repayment period 3 to 30 months depending on the amount of credit used. Loan opening fee 0 euros. Money can always be withdrawn from the loan again within the credit limit.

Example of loan repayment: The effective annual interest rate (APR) on a loan of 1 500 € is 29,6 %. The interest rate taken into account in the calculation is 19,9 %, the loan management fee is EUR 4,50 € per month. The total amount of the loan and loan costs is 1 720,54 €, while the installments are 12 and the installment is 143,38 € per month.

Standard European Consumer Credit Information (in Finnish).

Saldo Limiitti € 100 – 2 000
Saldo Laina up to € 10 000
SME loan up to € 50 000

Loans for any expenses

From us, you can get versatile loans for any purchases.

Are you about to renovate your home or planning a family vacation? You can choose Saldo Laina, which is great for large one time purchases. With Saldo Laina, you can choose your loan term for repayment.

In comparison, the flexible Saldo Limiitti works very well with everyday expenses or even as an addition to your holiday budget. From Saldo Limitti you can withdraw exactly the amount you need at the time, anytime and anywhere.

Additionally amongst our services you will find loans suitable for purchasing a car as well as supporting your business.

Our loan products

Saldo Laina A one time loan for small and big expenses 10 000 EUR
  • Loan amount: € 1000 – 10 000
  • Loan term: 12 – 88 months
  • Monthly repayment starting € at 29
Saldo Limiitti A flexible loan for everyday expenses
  • Loan amount up to € 2000
  • No fixed loan term
  • Monthly repayment starting at € 41
Car loan A suitable loan for purchasing a car
  • Loan amount: € 1000 – 12 000
  • Loan term: 24 – 60 months
  • Monthly repayment starting at € 49
SME Loan A loan for company investments
  • Loan amount: € 1000 – 50 000
  • Loan term: 1 – 12 months
  • Interest rate: 0 %
Saldo Laina€ 1000 – 10 000

Saldo Laina is an affordable and effortless way to finance large one time purchases. You can choose the loan from 1000 € to 10 000 €, depending on your needs. When filling in the loan application, you choose a suitable monthly repayment and loan term in addition to the loan amount. With Saldo Laina you can easily combine loans that you already have.

Saldo Limiitti € 2000

Saldo Limiitti is like a credit card, but you can start using it faster. You do not need to wait for the processing of a credit card application, instead you can start using the loan immediately. With Saldo Limiitti, you can withdraw money any time you need it. There is no fixed loan term, instead you gain access to the money again as you pay the repayments.

Car loan upp to € 12 000

With Saldo Car Loan you can finance a new or a used car, fill up your car budget or only pay for the deposit. When applying for a Car Loan, you choose a suitable monthly repayment and loan term in addition to the loan amount. You get the decision on your loan immediately, so you can fill in the application even while making the purchase.

SME Loan

Business Loan is suitable for the investments of companies of all sizes and stages. The Business Loan application is available online, so we can give you a loan offer and even a loan decision immediately after you send the application. The money can be transferred to the company immediately after the loan decision has been granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled usual questions asked to help you apply for a loan. Most of the questions are related to the price of the loan or how fast can you get the loan to your use. Our rule is that the loan is always priced just for you, so only by filling in the application you can see what kind of an offer we have for you. Filling in the application does not oblige you to accept a loan.

You can withdraw the loan immediately, if you fill in the application between 7am and 11pm. When you have the flexible Saldo Limiitti, you can use it at any time of the day.

Most frequently asked questions