Customer support

How can we help?

You can call our customer support weekdays from 7 - 19 or on Saturdays from 10 - 18. You can contact us through e-mail any time, and we will reply as fast as possible. In acute situations you can also contact us through our chat, and we will help you even in the middle of the process of applying for a loan.

Customer support contact information

Phone: 06000 55000

You can find support for all our products through one phone number. Calling costs 2,00 €/minute+pvm/mpm. All of our phone calls are recorded.

E-mail addresses:


Tact Finance Oy:

Postal address:

Tact Finance Oy / Saldo

Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 3

20200 Turku

(mail only, there is no customer support at this address)

Business ID: 3246454-7

Debt collection

Debt collection is handled by an external partner, who will contact you if necessary.