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10 000 kr

Monthly payment Loan period: 11 months

This is a high cost credit

If you are unable to repay the entire debt, you risk a payment default. For support, contact the budget and debt counseling in your municipality. Contact information is available at hallå

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Saldo Kredit is a continuous loan of up to 20 000 kr with an interest rate of 19,5-39,5%, effective annual interest rate (APR) 26,5-74,4% and a loan repayment period 3 to 30 months depending on the amount of credit used. Loan opening fee 395 kr. Loan management fee 0 kr per month. Loan withdrawal fee 45 kr. Monthly payments starting from 249 kr.

Example of loan repayment: In the case of used credit of 15 000 kr, an interest rate of 19,5% and 12 installments, the total amount of the loan and loan costs is 17 118,96 kr (1426,58 kr per month) and effective annual interest rate (APR) 28,2%.

Saldo Kredit up to 20 000 kr

Saldo Kredit 1 000 - 20 000 kr
Automated Online Application
Credit Check without UC

Saldo Kredit offers consumer credit from 1 000 - 20 000 kr

Saldo Kredit offers consumer credits from 10 000 kr up to 20 000 kr with flexible withdrawals. You decide when you make a withdrawal and how much you want transferred, within your given credit limit. You can choose to transfer the entire credit at once, or in smaller rates. When you pay back the transferred money, this sum will be added back to your credit limit and is available for further withdrawals.

You are not asked to define what the money will be spent on and the easy, flexible withdrawals make Saldo Kredit the perfect safety net to cover sudden expenses or larger investments in household appliances or similar.

How to apply for Saldo Kredit

1. Choose Saldo Kredit

Choose the amount you need right now. Withdrawals are made from the credit limit granted to you.

2. Fill in the loan application

Identify yourself with Bank ID and fill out a loan application. It takes a few minutes to complete.

5 minutes
3. Money directly into your account

You can get your first withdrawal immediately. You can make new withdrawals at any time.

4. Further withdrawals

Further withdrawals can be made by sending a SMS with SALDO and the amount you want to withdraw (Saldo 500). Always withing your given credit limit.

What is Saldo Kredit Actually?

Saldo Kredit offers a form of consumer credit or account credit, from 1 000 kr up to 20000 kr. Once you have received the loan, you have the option of using the full amount or only to use the amounts that you consider necessary for your current needs, but no higher than the credit amount you have been granted by us. When you repay your debt you will again receive your old initially granted credit.

Account Credit or Credit Card?

The question of whether you should choose an account credit or a credit card can sometimes be quite confusing and difficult to understand. Below we briefly describe the differences between these two and give you suggestions on which of these you should go ahead with.

Card Credit

A credit in term of a credit card is something most of us are familiar with, as it comes in the form of a plastic card which you then use for consumption of any kind.

It is up to you to decide how you want to spend your money, but once you reach the credit limit that is predefined for that specific card, you can no longer use it. Instead, you will receive a bill where you have to pay back the amount owed. You may also need to pay interest on the amount that you have used

Account Credit

Customers who wished to have a more flexible form of credit should choose a credit account in favor of a credit card. Account credit works in such a way that if you have used a certain part of the account credit, it will automatically be refunded when you repay the amount you used.

That way, you always have the account credit on hand should you need it, provided you pay your monthly invoices. However, you should neither completely skip the credit card option because it can work very well in situations when you need to be able to quickly withdraw money in order to pay unforeseen expenses.

Saldo Kredit is a flexible partner for your financing needs

The best thing about Saldo Kredit is its competitive flexibility and its favorable prices, which are among the lowest on the market. Once you have your application approved and have a specific credit limit to deal with, you have free hands to make as many withdrawals as you wish, based on the needs you might have.

The amount you repay at the end of the month is credited directly to your credit. A representative example is described as follow:

Assume that you are granted for an online credit of 10 000 kr. If you choose to consume a certain amount and then repay that amount, you will have that exactly the same amount you had available from the beginning. In other words, every time you deposit money, you also release the money to be able to use it at a later date.

Saldo Kredit

Interests and expenses

  • Expense
  • Expense Nominal fixed interest rate
    Price 19,5 - 39,5%
  • Expense Effective interest rate
    Price 26,5 - 74,4%
  • Expense Setup fee
    Price 395 kr
  • Expense Administration fee
    Price 0 kr
  • Expense Withdrawal fee
    Price 45 kr

Frequently asked questions about Saldo Kredit

Below, we go through the most common questions that our potential customers tend to reflect over when they are considering applying for a credit with us at Saldo Kredit. If you do not find the specific answers to your questions we suggest you contact our customer support by using the communication options available on our website.

Frequently asked questions