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Saldo Bank is a responsible lender that invests in the advancement of its own financial technology with the help of innovative and multidisciplinary staff.

We create automated financing solutions that quickly meet the everyday needs of our customers.

Saldo Bank has more than a decade of experience in Finland's financial sector. Over the past ten years, the company has expanded its product range and its operational footprint.

Our goal is to create fast and automated financial services that fulfill our customers’ daily needs. All our systems are designed and created in-house, by our own financial and technology experts. All our professionals together make Saldo Bank the best in the market.

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Finland, Sweden & Lithuania

Saldo Bank financial services

Saldo Bank currently operates in three countries: Finland, Sweden and Lithuania. Saldo's own automated credit approval system enables loan services to be tailored to the specific characteristics of each market it operates in. With our proprietary scoring system, it’s possible to check a customer’s solvency and financial position wherever they’re based. This way we’re in a position to provide a suitable loan service based on solvency and the individual financial circumstances of the customer.


Revolving Credit

A flexible loan of € 2 000, from which customers can make withdrawals based on their need. Once approved, the loan is freely available to customers at any time.

Consumer loan

A one-time loan of € 1 000–10 000, which customers can use immediately if necessary. The loan is repaid in equal instalments. Customers can choose the amount of the monthly instalment.

Term deposit

A term deposit is the process of keeping a specific amount of money in a financial institution for an agreed period of time.


Revolving Credit

A flexible credit limit up to SEK 20 000, which customers are free to withdraw to their account as they need.

Term deposit

A term deposit is the process of keeping a specific amount of money in a financial institution for an agreed period of time.


Consumer loan

A loan of € 500-3 000 that the customer can use immediately. The payment period depends on the loan amount and the monthly instalment chosen by the customer.

SME Loan

A one-time loan of € 1 000-10 000 that companies can use immediately with no collateral required.

Term deposit

A term deposit is the process of keeping a specific amount of money in a financial institution for an agreed period of time.


Our products and customer service adapt to the ever-changing everyday and everyone’s personal needs. Need a loan right away? No problem. Chat, email, app, call? We got you.


We make sure our customers can keep their finances in order. Our dynamic pricing and monthly instalments allows tailoring to each customer, taking into account their life situation and everyday spending.


No hidden fees, no shady stuff. Our communications is always jargon free and to the point. We keep our promises and create digital products like they should have been done since the get-go. We take pride in being a responsible lender.

Saldo Bank locations

Saldo Bank has offices in Finland and Lithuania and our customer service is easily contactable at, on +46 (0) 8 4650 1931 or through the chat service on our website.

Finland, Helsinki

Saldo Bank UAB Suomen sivuliike

Lautatarhankatu 10

00580 Helsinki

No customer service at this location.

Lithuania, Vilnius

Saldo Bank UAB

Žalgirio str. 94-1

Vilnius 09300

No customer service at this location.

Our leadership team

Meet the leadership team at Saldo Bank, who guide our dynamic community of over 60 professionals across three European cities. Together, we’re committed to realizing our strategic vision and become the most preferred neobank with a superior product offering and the most innovative team.

Saldo Bank continues to expand

Saldo Bank is strongly focused on international expansion and the launch of new products. In the future, Saldo will continue to expand geographically inline with its growth strategy and increase its product portfolio by country.

Saldo Bank is committed to investing in responsible lending. The company was the first in Finland to introduce measures in accordance with PSD2 for reviewing account information. Saldo Bank also became one of the first lenders to utilise ”open banking” information. This enables safer and more responsible lending for Saldo Bank and its customers.

Saldo Bank has increased its responsibility by launching loan insurances in Finland and Sweden. Saldo’s customers can use loan insurance as a financial safety net, even during times when personal solvency may be an issue.

Geographical expansion continues to progress in a controlled manner, taking into account each country's market. Saldo Bank will also continue to recruit extensively, offering industry professionals the opportunity to work at any of Saldo’s locations.

Saldo Bank’s strategy

Saldo Bank seeks to become the most preferred neobank with a superior product offering and the most innovative team. We follow good lending practices, and abide by laws and regulations set by the authorities in all locations where we operate.

Saldo's automated lending system enables businesses to scale, as well as enjoy profitable international growth. Our own scoring system allows us to check the customer's solvency and financial health, then base a loan offer on each customer's individual circumstances. Our system also connects easily to partner systems.

We value the well-being of our employees and provide them the opportunity for continuous development and learning. Saldo Bank employs a committed, professional and internationally experienced team.

Saldo Bank is also in the process of expanding its sales channels and customer base through a partnership model, and developing new financial services. Growing demand also supports Saldo's business and the regulation of the industry creates new opportunities. Our own financial technology, automated processes, and scalable and responsible operations make Saldo Bank an attractive investment opportunity.

To be bold

At Saldo Bank, everyone has the right to constantly innovate and to explore new ideas. Our open environment supports creative collaboration and a relentless pursuit of new innovations. We always support each other in setting new standards and reaching new goals.

To use technology for the better

We at Saldo Bank are techies at heart and we are dedicated to always utilising our skills for improving the lives of our customers and our own people through disruptive use of technology and new innovations.

Technology is our religion.

To take responsibility

Knowledge comes with responsibility, and we always lead by example as individuals and as a company. We are responsible for serving our customers, supporting our peers and for making a positive impact on society.

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