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Saldo is a reliable and responsible financing company that offers a range of consumer credit products. You’ll find us in Sweden and Finland.

Loan decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, following a thorough review of each customer’s financial wellbeing. We then create a personal loan offer to fit your unique preferences and situation.


We are techies at heart, and we strive to make the most of latest technologies to create the best possible customer experiences. Our completely digital, document-free applications are just one of the perks of tech.


Our products and customer service adapt to the ever-changing everyday and everyone’s personal needs. Need a loan right away? No problem. Chat, email, app, call? We got you.


We make sure our customers can keep their finances in order. Our dynamic pricing and monthly instalments allows tailoring to each customer, taking into account their life situation and everyday spending.


No hidden fees, no shady stuff. Our communications is always jargon free and to the point. We keep our promises and create digital products like they should have been done since the get-go. We take pride in being a responsible lender.

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