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2 000 kr

Monthly payment Loan period: 3 months

This is a high cost credit

If you are unable to repay the entire debt, you risk a payment default. For support, contact the budget and debt counseling in your municipality. Contact information is available at hallå

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Price example: Borrow 5 000 kr for 3 months. Setup fee 395 kr, administration fee 0 kr, nominal fixed interest rate 19,5–39,5 %, effective annual interest rate (APR) max. 92,5–550,7 %, total repayment 5571–5754 kr (1857–1918 kr per month).

Loans from Saldo

Loan money quickly and easily from Saldo.

Saldo SMS Lån 2000 - 5000 kr

Apply for a Loan from Saldo up to 100 000 kr

Saldo gives you the opportunity to borrow money quickly and easily. This has been made possible by offering customers the opportunity to apply for online loans without physical contact with an administrative, as is the case with traditional application processes. Continue reading below to learn more about what products we offer to our customers.

Our Main Loan Products

Saldo offers its private customers 3 different types of loan products. They all come with different regulations and because of that, they are intended to suit different purposes. These loans can be used to finance unforeseen costs but even help you afford bigger purchases. It is up to you to decide and choose specifically what you want to spend your money. We want to emphasize the fact that you do not need to disclose the purpose of why you want to borrow money from us in the first case.

Saldo SMS Lån 2000 - 5000 kr

The SMS loan is ideal for consumers who are specifically looking for a fast loan in order to cover up for an unforeseen event. You have the opportunity to apply for loans between 2.000 SEK up to 5000 SEK. This product is an ideal choice when you need to get your hands on liquid funds quickly and easily.

The entire loan amount you are borrowing from Saldo Lån is supposed to be paid out at once. The customer then has 30 days from that he or she receives the amount in his or her bank account to repay the entire amount along with the associated fees. This product is a so-called "high-cost credit" which basically means that you are borrowing money for high-interest rates. It is also possible to postpone the due date for the loan at least 30 days ahead, which can be done for the one-time cost of 300 SEK.

Saldo Lån - 10 000 - 100 000 kr (coming soon)

This type of loan is suitable for those individuals who wish to apply for higher amounts. In this case, you will have the opportunity to borrow money at low-interest rates for a much longer period of time. One possible area of ​​use could be to finance a car purchase or simply to borrow money for other expenses you might have.

The loan is supposed to be repaid within 36 months, but you can also choose a longer repayment period for up to 20 years if you wish so! This product is a so-called low-cost credit product where the customer has the option to apply for amounts starting from 10.000 SEK up to 100.000 SEK. You have the option to choose a repayment period from 36 months and as long as up to 20 years. Please also note the fact that the effective interest rate will never reacher higher percentage than 29.9%.

Saldo Kredit - 10 000 - 20 000 kr (coming soon)

This product is ideally suited for those who want to have a credit balance available for unforeseen expenses without having to apply for new loans whenever they are in need of money. It is a solid product that offers great flexibility. The fact is that many of our current customers prefer this product precisely because of this. Account credit is a type of loan where the customer can make any withdrawals.

These withdrawals can vary between 500 and 20 000 kr. The first withdrawal is made when the customer submits his application from and is approved for the loan. He or she only needs to pay the fees and interest associated with the loan if they actually choose to use the approved credit. This product is also often referred to as "high-cost credit".

Apply for affordable loans quickly and easy

You always have the opportunity to quickly finance unforeseen expenses through a loan from Saldo. We are a reputable and licensed financing company, with a license granted by FI - Finansispektionen to operate both in Sweden and Finland. Our automated loan process allows you to apply for loans through our online application no matter whether you are using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You will get a response on whether the loan has been approved (or not) within few minutes. If your application is approved you will usually get your amount deposited into your bank account, within minutes. Borrowing money has never been easier!

Fill out a loan application and fulfill your dreams with Saldo!

Saldo is your best ally when it comes to financial difficulties. With our simple online application, you have the opportunity to apply for a loan up to 100 000 kr. Choose a loan product that fits your needs and you have your money deposited into your account within minutes! Borrowing money and getting the funds deposited directly into your account has never been easier!

Frequently asked questions regarding our loan products

Below you will find the most common questions and answers regarding our different loan products. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.

Frequently asked questions