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10 000 kr

Monthly payment Loan period: 11 months

This is a high cost credit

If you are unable to repay the entire debt, you risk a payment default. For support, contact the budget and debt counseling in your municipality. Contact information is available at hallå

Apply for a loan

Saldo Kredit is a continuous loan of up to 20 000 kr with an interest rate of 19,5-39,5%, effective annual interest rate (APR) 26,5-74,4% and a loan repayment period 3 to 30 months depending on the amount of credit used. Loan opening fee 395 kr. Loan management fee 0 kr per month. Loan withdrawal fee 45 kr. Monthly payments starting from 249 kr.

Example of loan repayment: In the case of used credit of 15 000 kr, an interest rate of 19,5% and 12 installments, the total amount of the loan and loan costs is 17 118,96 kr (1426,58 kr per month) and effective annual interest rate (APR) 28,2%.

Loans Without UC from Saldo

With Saldo you can protect your credit rating and borrow money without UC.

Saldo SMS Lån 1 000 - 5 000 kr
Saldo Kredit 5 000 - 20 000 kr

Loans Without UC

Saldo offers at the moment two different types of products, Saldo Kredit and Saldo SMS Lån. In addition to those products, we also offer customers the opportunity to apply for a loan without UC. To put it short, when you apply for several loans in a short period of time you don’t need to worry that they might result in poor creditworthiness.

However, with UC, which might happen since Upplysningscentralen is owned by the biggest Swedish banks. Thus, they have direct access to the register of UC and are able to monitor what loans you have applied for in the past. In other words, you can simply (involuntarily) be marked as a high-risk customer, which can make it difficult for you to apply for bigger loans when you plan to purchase a car or a home.

Saldo is obligated by law to check your credit rating, however, we are not doing it through UC, but in cooperation with Bisnode. Since Bisnode never shares its data with third parties, it will not either affect your creditworthiness. With Saldo, it has never been easier to apply for a loan without UC.

How to apply for a loan

1. Choose between Saldo Kredit and Saldo SMS Lån

Choose a loan between 1 000 kr and 20 000 kr that meets your needs.

2. Fill in the loan application

It only takes 3 minutes to complete the application. We check your credit rating through Bisnode.

3 minutes
3. Money directly into your account

In most cases you can get money directly into your account within minutes.

4. Further withdrawals

Further withdrawals can be made by sending a SMS with SALDO and the amount you want to withdraw (Saldo 500). Always withing your given credit limit.

What is UC (Upplysningscentralen) actually?

The Enlightenment Center with the immensely popular abbreviation UC is basically a limited company formed almost 40 years ago. Today, the company is owned by Sweden's largest banks, i.e. Nordea, SEB, Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Danske Bank, and Länsförsäkringar Bank. Upplysningscentralen is undoubtedly the largest credit information company in Sweden, whose head office is located in the capital.

Various forms of financial information are provided by UC regarding an individual's loans and debts. This information is collected by means of various registers provided by the Swedish Tax Agency and several other state founded institutions.

Upplysningscentralen also offers various forms of international credit information. By charging a fee every time a company uses its register, it also makes it possible to conduct a quality-assured and competitive business.

How fast can you get a loan without UC?

When you apply for Saldo loan you will in most cases get the money deposited into your bank account within a few minutes, provided your application is approved. It is important to point out the fact that our service is fully automated, which means that you have the opportunity to apply for a loan whenever you wish, at all times of the day.

We will make you aware that we always do an individual credit check (not UC) where we evaluate your repayment ability. For that very reason, it is important that you ensure that the information provided during the application process is in accordance with that registered with other authorities. For example, you should ensure that your declared income with the Swedish Tax Agency is consistent with what you stated in your loan application.

Please note that if you apply for a loan after the standard office hours, during the evening or on weekends for that matter, we will still process your application. You will also be able to find out whether it has been approved or not. However, you will get your money deposited into your account the next coming weekday as we are not able to deposit any loans into our customer’s bank accounts after office hours.

How much can I borrow without UC?

We cannot directly give you an exact number on how much money you can borrow since we evaluate all loan applications on an individual basis. The loan amount you are applying for will be set against the income, expenses, and debts that you have specified during the application process.

If the outcome from these is positive, you will most likely be granted the amount you applied for. However, we will reject your application if the outcome of our analysis negative. In theory, you can apply for a credit up to 100 000 kr, but the higher the amount you apply for, the greater the demand we place on your private finances.

You simply need to be able to prove that you are able to repay the loan within the stipulated time, including the various fees in the form of interest, setup fee and more. We also want to emphasize the fact that you need to be honest with yourself when you apply for credit with us. We recommend that you critically evaluate your financial situation as well as whether you can afford to actually repay the loan.

How do we perform our credit checks at Saldo?

Loans without UC, with many inquiries specifically, can raise suspicions about the well-being of your finances. In the worst-case scenario, one can be labeled as an individual whose private economy has major problems, at the moment.

Since the banks own Upplysningscentralen, it is fairly easy to calculate that the banks can quickly check upon how many UC requests have been made in your name and then use it as a basis when applying for a loan with them.

In order to ensure you don't have to worry about whether you should dare to apply for a loan despite many UC requests, we offer you the opportunity to apply for a loan without UC. In other words, you get the opportunity to borrow money without a credit check and thus you do not have to worry about negative reprisals. uses Bisnode when checking the creditworthiness of our customers during the application process. These register extracts are not visible in the banks' registers and thus, you also do not pose the risk of lowering your overall credit rating.

Loans securely from Saldo

Loans without UC are something that we at Saldo work hard to achieve. Our aim is to offer our customers different types of loans at competitive prices and terms. We work with transparent pricing, which means that before you apply for the loan you will know exactly how much you will have paid total when your loan is fully repaid.

When you apply for a loan from Saldo, you also do not have to worry about jeopardizing your credit rating because we do not cooperate with UC. Since Upplysningscentralen is owned by the largest Swedish banks we have already made you aware of the fact that they have direct access to customer register as well. In other words, they may involuntarily flag you as a risk customer based on the loan applications you made during the short period.

Since we do all our credit information through Bisnode, these transactions will never be shared with third parties. You are therefore on the safe side when you choose to apply for a loan with us at Saldo.