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Fintechs + Security: what’s the link and why does it matter to me?

The way we save, spend and invest our money continues to evolve, with fintechs leading the charge and shaking up the financial sector.


Culture and savings - is saving money a cultural trait?

In the western world saving money and spending your earnings wisely is often considered the responsible way to act and a sign of a mature adult, whereas spending and living in the moment is for the young and irresponsible.


How are Fintech banks reinventing customer service?

Fintechs - a mash-up of financial + technology - have been shaking up the traditional banking sector for more than a decade now. While the movement is ground-breaking, the thinking behind it is incredibly simple: make banking easy and accessible for everyone by taking it digital.


Lithuanian Economy: What to Expect in 2022

Supply shock, rapid growth of energy prices, rising inflation and a shortage of employees have become the most important challenges for the Lithuanian economy.


Loan Protection Insurances Are Becoming More Common

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has felt a strong sense of uncertainty about the future. Throughout the pandemic, people have grown more aware of the unpredictability of various aspects of life, including jobs, health, and steady income.


Listen to these Financial Podcasts

Podcasts have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and there’s no sign of losing momentum. People are switching off traditional media by the millions, listening to podcasts for information, entertainment, and even just background noise during the day.


Fintech Banks vs Traditional Banks

The word ‘fintech’ became part of the vernacular sometime around 2005. Splicing the words ‘financial’ and ‘technology’, the term describes the technology used to improve and automate financial services. It’s also widely associated with start-ups on a mission to shake up the traditional banking system.


How to Get Your Finances in Order for 2022

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic dwindle, many European economies are slowly bouncing back. A full economic recovery is expected by the end of 2021 in Lithuania and some Scandinavian countries. Euronews projects the EU economy will grow by 3.9% in 2022.