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Coding across borders

Saldo’s twenty-plus software developers are located in Finland and Lithuania. With the virtual commute from Vilnius to Turku only taking seconds, cross-border collaboration between front-end, back-end and full-stack developers is seamless.


Financial Health of Lithuanian Banks after COVID-19

As the sun sets on the COVID-19 pandemic, collateral damage is being assessed. The impact on businesses has varied drastically: some failed while others flourished. An analysis of Lithuanian banks reveals how financial institutions navigated the tough times, and offers insight into preparedness for the recovery of the economy and associated challenges.


From Finland to the world: plans for internationalisation progress

As planned, Saldo Finance Plc opened its lending operations in Lithuania during the first quarter of 2021.


Strong sales skills - Account Manager

Matias is Saldo’s first Account Manager hire with a specialisation in corporate lending. Recruited in early 2021 to support our SME loans program, Matias has been invaluable in advising and guiding corporate clients on their lending.


How Will Current Situation Affect the Interest in Entrepreneurship

The pandemic has forced people into situations they never imagined, especially in their professional lives. Unexpected situations often inspire entrepreneurs who enjoy taking on what others might find fear-inducing.


From being an Aalto student to working at Saldo Finance

Before moving to Finland to study marketing, I had a completely different background to finance. I studied German literature and Business at Ewha Womans University in South Korea. Combining my interests in language and the beauty industry, I started my first job as a junior product manager at L'Oréal Korea.


Financial health of Lithuanian households during COVID-19

Statistics reveal demand for consumption loans in Lithuania is shrinking, with consumer loan portfolios of banks and credit unions falling 10% in a year. Despite declining interest rates, similar trends are observed in the non-banking sector.


Saldo continued towards becoming an international financial institution

Saldo Finance Plc continued to take scalable steps in achieving its goal of becoming a diversified and international financial institution. The company expanded its business via corporate lending in Finland, extended lending to customers in Sweden through its sister company, and commenced operations in Lithuania. Saldo’s continued investment in IT and its scoring system technology will support new product development and further international expansion.