Privacy Policy

Consent to processing of personal data


1.1 The Customer shall mean a natural person who has signed this consent and who uses or intends to use the products offered by the Lender.

1.2 The Lender shall mean Saldo Finance UAB (JSC), company code 305334925, official address Žalgirio str. 94-1, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1.3 The Consent shall mean the present Customer’s agreement on processing of personal data. Third person shall mean any other person than the Customer or the Lender.


2.1 The Customer confirms that he is familiar with the Lender’s Privacy Policy and this Consent. 2.2.The Customer confirms that all statements provided in the Lender’s Privacy Policy and this Consent are clear and understandable to him.

2.2 The Customer agrees that the Lender will process the Customer's personal data to the extent and for the purposes specified in the Lender’s Privacy Policy and this Consent.


3.1 The Lender processes the Customer's personal data for the following purposes:

3.2 Proper provision of financial risk-taking services and creditworthiness assessment, Personal data is processed when assessing the Customer's application, checking the Customer's reliability and solvency, assessing creditworthiness and making a decision on concluding a contract, During the term of a consumer credit agreement, personal data is processed through accounting, audits, risk assessments and the development of lending models,

3.3 Offering services and products (direct marketing), Personal data is processed when the Customer provides offers of the Lender's products and services, including but not limited to e-mail or social networks,

3.4 To ensure performance of the consumer credit agreement (for example, by giving the Customer the right to use the money),

3.5 To ensure fulfilment of obligations, as determined by the legal acts, Personal data is processed in the context of prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and other obligations arising from national, international and European Union law,

3.6 To protect the rights and interests of the Lender, Personal data is processed in the exercise of the Lender's rights arising from the Consumer Credit Agreement and in the protection of violated or disputed rights (for example, the data is provided to a lawyer representing the Lender or a court) or by providing information to the Lender's investors and creditors,

3.7 To create and develop new Lender’s products and services, as well as for improving the quality of services. Personal data is processed in order to better understand the Customer's expectations and preferences (for example, for analysis of the Customer's habits or for the Customer's surveys that may also be conducted by the Third Parties).


4.1 The Lender undertakes to process only those personal data of the Customer that the Lender has learned from the Customer by communicating with him and that are obtained from the following sources:

4.1.1 From credit institutions.

4.1.2 From State Social Insurance Fund Board under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania.

4.1.3 From public registers: Population Register, Real Estate Register, Property Seizure Acts Register, Register of Legally Incapable Persons and Persons with Limited Legal Capacity,

4.1.4 From Scorify, UAB (code: 302423183, address: Olimpiečių 1A-24, Vilnius, Lithuania).

4.1.5 From Creditinfo Lietuva, UAB (code: 111689163, address: A. Goštauto g. 40A, Vilnius, Lithuania).

4.1.6 From the supervisory authorities.

4.1.7 From Independent credit intermediation companies.

4.1.8 From other Third Party registers and information systems, when the Customer's personal data is processed in accordance with the requirements of legal acts.

4.2 The Lender processes the following personal data:

4.2.1 Data about the person (Customer's name, surname, date of birth, personal identification code, position, profession, education).

4.2.2 Data related to the person identification (the number and the date of issue of identification document, copy of identification document, date and method of identification, IP address from which you applied for identification, video record and date of video record or photo).

4.2.3 Contact information (telephone number, declared and actual place of residence (address), e - mail).

4.2.4 Data on marital status (marital status, number of minor age children).

4.2.5. Data related to payments (bank account and (or) payment card numbers, unique text of the payment purpose, payment type, payment date, payment document number, unique transaction archive number, customer code in the payee’s information system, currency equivalent).

4.2.6 Data related to creditworthiness assessment and debt administration (your income and income of your family, type of income, assets, financial liabilities to financial institutions or other persons, credit rating, information on delays in fulfilling existing or past financial liabilities, credit history, information on current and former employers, recruitment and dismissals, business or individual activities, received and assigned permanent and single social benefits, circumstances that may affect your economic or financial situation or ability to repay or pay the loan, other significant circumstances related to your financial situation or ability to properly meet obligations).

4.2.7 Information on whether you are / are not included in the Register of Legally Incapable Persons and Persons with Limited Legal Capacity, information on whether you are / are not included in the list maintained by the Supervisory Authority of persons for whom applications have been submitted to prevent them from concluding consumer credit agreements).

4.2.8 Customer’s website behavioural and usage information. This includes monitoring a person's online behaviour and use of the Services. This is done by using cookies and other tracking technologies. The information collected consists of, for example, the actions taken by a person on the site.

4.3 For the purpose of direct marketing provided for in Clause 3.1.2 of the Consent, the Lender shall process only the following personal data: Customer's name, date of birth, place of residence, telephone number and e-mail.


5.1 In accordance with the requirements established by legal acts, the Lender transfers personal data to the following entities:

5.1.1 Entities which belong to the same group as the Lender.

5.1.2 Persons involved in concluding, amending and enforcing a consumer credit agreement or any other agreement (for example, persons providing translation, communication, printing, postal and payment services, as well as financial institutions, notaries, guarantors, companies providing accounting services).

5.1.3 Banks, credit and financial institutions that provide financial services, Scorify, UAB, Creditinfo Lietuva, UAB and the Bank of Lithuania as the manager of the Loan Risk Database.

5.1.4 The new creditor, in cases of assignment of claim rights.

5.1.5 Third parties to whom the Lender has pledged its claims to the Customer arising from the concluded agreement with the Customer.

5.1.6 Third parties involved in safeguarding the Lender's legitimate interests (such as the debt collection service provider).

5.1.7 Third parties involved in performance of the Lender's duties under the law (for example, investigative bodies, notaries, tax administrators, the Financial Crime Investigation Service, the State Data Protection Inspectorate, the Bank of Lithuania, the police).

5.1.8 Third parties who need personal data to ensure execution of the Consumer Credit Agreement concluded with the Customer.

5.1.9 Investors and potential investors of the Lender, provided that these persons ensure confidentiality and protection of personal data.

5.1.10 Lithuanian and foreign credit and financial institutions or intermediaries upon their application to the Lender, when these persons seek to provide services requested by the Customer, financial advisers, lawyers, auditors and other service providers of the Lender, provided that these persons ensure confidentiality and protection of personal data.

5.2 The Lender shall provide the Customer's personal data only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes listed in Section 3 of this Consent.


6.1 The Customer has the right at any time to receive information about his personal data and the purposes for which they are processed, as well as to request correction of incorrect data and receive information about the data used to assess the Customer's creditworthiness. The Customer has the right to demand the Lender to terminate processing of his data, except in cases when processing of such data is mandatory by law.

6.2 The Customer has the right to inform the Lender at any time that he does not wish to receive personal offers and advertising. Information on how to withdraw offers and advertising is provided in the specific offer and/or advertisement. General or introductory information about products and services offered by Saldo Finance, UAB is not considered as a personal offer or advertisement.

6.3 The Customer has the right to request information from the Lender about processing of his personal data by submitting a request to the following address: Saldo Finance, UAB (code: 305334925, address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 26, Vilnius, Lithuania) or by e-mail: The Lender undertakes to provide the Customer with the information no later than within 30 calendar days from receipt of the Customer's request.

6.4 The Customer believing that the Lender has violated the Customer's rights by processing his personal data has the right to contact the Lender at any time with a request to eliminate such violation.

6.5 The Customer has the right to apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate or a competent Lithuanian court at any time regarding violated rights of the Customer.


7.1 The Lender has the right to record (save) the information provided to the Customer by means of communication (telephone, e-mail, Internet banking), as well as other operations of the Customer.

7.2 The Lender has the right to use these records to prove and reproduce the Lender’s agreements and other transactions.

7.3 Personal data storage terms are specified in the Lender’s Privacy policy.


8.1 The Lender has the right to unilaterally change the procedure of personal data processing specified in this Consent (for example, to change technical and / or organizational data processing measures, change data processors, etc.) in accordance with the requirements of legal acts.

8.2 The Lender undertakes to notify the Customer about changes in principles of personal data processing on the Lender's website, Customer's self-service website or in any other way at least 1 (one) month before such changes take effect.