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Want to work at Saldo?

For us at Saldo, our most important values are our employees’ well being and having an innovative and relaxed work environment. We rely on creative collaboration and working together, so every member of our team is important to us.

Because professional development and utilising the latest technology are central to our industry, we encourage our team members by investing in training. We’re always open new ideas for development and innovations that will help us grow and move forward together. With us, you’ll get the opportunity to learn or try something new everyday!

We take care of our team members both at work and in their free time, by investing in both mental and physical well-being. We offer all Saldo members an attractive range of benefits, which you can take advantage of both at work and during your free time.

Saldo’s benefits:

Health and well being

We’ve got you covered. We’ve insured all our employees in order that everyone gets the best possible care and assistance whenever the need arises. You’ll always have access to the best of care from top healthcare professionals to ensure your well-being.

Culture and sports

Saldo employees get to enjoy their very own annual payment card offered by Edenred, which you can use for cultural and sports events. In addition, you can join Saldo’s floorball and/or badminton team, which play once a week casually and competitively.

Good food

Since you can guarantee satisfied employees with giving them good food, lunch benefits are naturally among the benefits of working at Saldo. You can use the Edenred payment card at most lunch locations.

Time together

Sometimes it is good to relax together and let off some steam between projects. With us, you can enjoy events like summer and Christmas parties, as well as casual evenings with other team members.

Flexible working hours

We recognise that responsibilities and freedoms go hand in hand. You share responsibility for projects with the team and we trust that professionals are guided by a passion for work. Therefore, we can offer very flexible working hours.

Career paths with Saldo

What does the career path look like at Saldo? At Saldo, we’re constantly striving to develop and produce new perspectives on financial services. We want to create flexible, customer-oriented services that work effortlessly and help our customers, supporting them when they face financial challenges.

If these efforts are close to your heart, you would be a great addition to our team.

We employ experienced professionals from a variety of disciplines, but we also provide a platform for emerging talents to excel in their careers. We look for seasoned financial services professionals, young people starting their careers or students who are interested in fintech.

In addition, you can work at any of our offices: Turku, Helsinki, Vilnius or Stockholm. The common language of our company is English.

Software development

As a Fintech company, we invest heavily in technological know-how. We create and maintain our system in-house and because of this software developers play a major role in the success of our business. Our team consists of both frontend and backend coders who work seamlessly together. Our development teams are based in Finland and Lithuania.

In practice, the team develops the systems and adds new features and improvements to them so that our products are as high quality and modern as possible for our customers. We're constantly working to improve the system's performance so that it scales appropriately, so we can integrate new products and expand to more countries. The focus is on developing a high quality, reusable and tested system.

In the work of a software developer we encourage technical creativity, self-development and independent thinking, so we aim to employ professionals who are dedicated to their work. As part of the team you’ll always have the opportunity to create something new and participate in interesting projects.


As a Fintech company, risk management is a very important part of our business. Our own scoring system allows us to make accurate and personal loan offers to suit each of our customers’ individual financial needs. The team of analysts plays a key role in the continuous development of the scoring system.

In practice, analysts are responsible for data collection activities and work together with the software developers to create the data architecture. Analysts anticipate, model, and analyse risk management challenges. They support the development of automation from the smooth operation of our systems to customer acquisition.

An analyst's work focuses on accuracy and the pursuit of continuous improvement. Tasks are divided into data management, modelling and reporting development. As part of the team, you’ll get to work with the best and latest technology and with other highly skilled team members.


The marketing team, which is based in Finland, is responsible for our company's customer acquisition and value development during the customer life cycle. Marketing relies heavily on collecting and analysing data to make our messages more personal and relevant to our customers. We want to provide them with services and information that interests them, which we achieve through data analysis.

The marketing team is also responsible for developing the Saldo brand and creating a customer experience at all points of contact. In addition, the development of new products and services is at the heart of marketing activities.

Essential to the marketing team is the management of digital marketing tools and a strong interest in data-driven marketing. The world of marketing is constantly changing, so the team always keeps up with and learns about the latest developments.

Financial management

The financial management team, based in Finland and Lithuania, is responsible for Saldo’s financial reporting. Financial management includes overseeing payment transactions, invoicing, ledger management and cost control processes for the day to day running of the business. In addition, the team is responsible for financial planning and budgeting.

In an international company, it’s vitally important that the financial management team have knowledge of accounting and tax-related matters, which impact the entire group. Developing robust reporting processes together with Saldo’s analysts and IT team is central to financial management roles.

A high degree of accuracy and the ability to see, among other things, possible reporting developments in an internationally expanding company is an essential for any member of the financial management team. In addition, experience with financial reporting within an international company is necessary.

Customer service

Our customer service is outsourced to a partner who provides this as a professional service, and who have a dedicated a customer service team for Saldo. Within our company, our customer service coordinators handle customer service. Our coordinators work closely with the customer service reps, providing them with important information about the features of, and keeping them updated regarding Saldo's products. Coordinators are also responsible for developing the customer service process.

Customer coordinators are based in Finland and Lithuania and familiarize customer service representatives with Saldo's brand, products and systems. They ensure that customer service representatives have real-time information on all aspects of Saldo's products.

The customer coordinator plays an important role as receiving feedback from customer services, gives them a view of both customer experience and product development. This puts them in the unique position of being able to propose ideas for the development of operating methods.

Legal experts - lawyers

Saldo's legal experts are constantly working to respond to regulatory activities and develop documentation. Adapting to changing financial, security and customer data processing legislation, while keeping documentation up to date is an important part of the job.

Legal experts are also tasked with providing contract and business-critical legal advice. In addition, our experts liaise with authorities and other business-related partners.

Operating in full compliance with all laws and regulations is important to Saldo as a company and therefore extreme precision and strong knowledge of the international legal landscape is imperative.


You can find all our current vacancies here. If you have not found a suitable vacancy that matches your training and interests above, you can send an open job application and your CV to

Please also include reference to which office location you would like to work in.

Saldo's locations:

Finland - Turku

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Sweden - Stockholm

Tact Finance AB

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111 20 Stockholm

Lithuania- Vilnius

Saldo Bank UAB

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