Careers at Saldo

Want to work at Saldo?

At Saldo, we care a great deal about the wellbeing of our employees. Each individual team member is highly important to us. We strive to create a collaborative, innovative and relaxed work environment in every area of our business.

All of our people are encouraged to focus on their training and professional development. Since technology is so critical to everything we do, we’re very open to ideas on how we can improve our processes in this area. As a team, we always make sure to try out and learn something new every single day!

Career paths available to you

So what exactly does a career at Saldo look like?

For a start, we’re always trying to develop a fresh perspective on financial services. Our mission is simple. We want to create flexible products that improve our customers’ lives and help them overcome their financial challenges.

If these are things that are also close to your heart… you’ll probably fit right in at Saldo.

We employ experienced professionals and rising talent across a range of disciplines. Our employees are given tremendous opportunities for career advancement, no matter what their current level. As an example, we’re offering Law and IT graduates the chance to work side-by-side with established fintech experts to gain a foothold in this rapidly evolving niche.

Software developer

Since all of our systems are developed in-house, software developers play a vital role in our organisation.


Our analysts evaluate and quantify different types of risks, and work extensively with our scoring and reporting systems.

Legal expert

We’re on the lookout for law students who have a keen interest in the financial industry. You’ll get to experience all of the facets of this diverse and exciting field.

Financial Management Professional

Our financial management professionals wear several different hats. Their responsibilities range from day-to-day operational issues, to reporting to and dealing with senior managers.

Marketing expert

These are the people who sit at the heart of our multi-channel digital (as well as more traditional) marketing strategies.

Customer Service Coordinator

Our customer service coordinators are an important point of liaison between marketing, product development and customer service.

Open positions

Welcome to Saldo’s team of top experts! Our door is always open to bright, hard-working and innovative people.

If you can’t find a job that matches your skills right now, don’t worry. Feel free to reach out with an open application at