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Monthly payment:€45.59
Interest rate:6.9%
Loan management fee:€6.08 / month
Total to repay:€2,735.4
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Car loan is an unsecured consumer loan of 600–6 000 €. The interest rate on the loan is 9,9–19,9 %, the loan management fee is 0,01 % of the amount of the granted loan per day, up to 150 € per year, the actual annual interest rate (APR) is 15–29,6 %. The loan period is 24 to 60 months and the monthly installment is 24 € to 318 €. Loan opening fee 0 euros. For loans under 1 000 € the maximum loan period is 13 months.

Example of loan repayment: The annual percentage rate on a loan of 1 500 € is 28,6 %. The calculation takes into account an interest rate of 19,9 %, a loan management fee of 4,50 € per month. The total amount of the loan and loan costs is 2 440,07 €, while the 50 installments and the installment are 49 € per month.

Standard European Consumer Credit Information (in Finnish).

Saldo Car Loan up to € 6 000

Our auto loan is a deposit-free finance option that enables you to hit the road without putting down cash, collateral or listing a guarantor. This makes the auto loan application so much easier to complete. Once you’ve filled out the online form and are approved by our automated system, you’ll receive an offer for car finance and a decision on your auto loan within minutes

You can get a car loan up to € 6 000, with the option of a long loan term with reasonable monthly repayments.

In addition to our website, the loan can be granted by our partner car dealerships.

Fast process

  • 1

    Choose the auto loan amount you need

    Do you only need the deposit or the whole purchase price? You can choose the amount you need.

  • 2

    Fill out the application

    Fill out our online application form. It should only take about 5 minutes.

  • 3

    Verify your identity

    Get ready to verify your identity.

  • 4

    The car finance will be transferred to your bank account.

    After accepting the offer, the car loan will be available immediately.

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To apply for a car loan, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • A Finnish social security number

  • A permanent address in Finland

  • Juridically competent

  • A Finnish phone number

  • An e-mail

You can apply for our car loan from a car dealership or directly through our webpage. Ask your car dealership about the possibilities to finance the purchase or the deposit with a loan from Saldo.

You can have a car loan of up to € 12 000 when you apply from a car dealership. From our website our car loans go up to € 6 000. The auto loan offer depends on the information you provide and our decision. Every auto loan offer is individual.

The interest rate of our car loan is determined by the information you have given.

You can see the interest rate, monthly repayments, and the total of the auto loan within the personlised offer.

You can get a car finance term of 24 to 60 months, depending on the auto loan amount and monthly repayment amount.

Our car loan is meant to pay the whole price, or just a deposit of a car purchase or for financing other car related purchases such as tires.

Buying a car without a deposit can really drain your savings, so we want to offer a quick and easy solution so you can finance your deposit.

Why choose our car financing?

Our car loan is a safe and easy way to obtain car finance, drive away and then make easy monthly payments. After filling in our online application, you get an auto loan offer, where you can choose a monthly repayment suitable for you. We’ll give you fine monthly repayment options to choose from: pick the one that works best for you.

Unlike other common car loans, our car loans are not tied to a certain vehicle.

You can apply for a car loan even before you have found the car you want to buy, or you can apply when making a purchase. You get the auto loan decision immediately after accepting your personalised offer. It’s up to you whether you finance all of the purchase, or just a part of it.

You’ll receive a personal auto loan offer.

The cheapest car loan can be found by comparing, but we offer you an auto loan, it will be tailored to your individual financial situation. Purchase a car with an auto loan and make your dream car a reality, effortlessly. You can also finance a car with our affordable deposit-free consumer loan.

Car loan pricing

Finding the cheapest car loan is simple, when the auto loan pricing is clear and easy to access. You can find all the interest rates and expenses of our car loan in the table attached. There are no hidden costs when it comes to our loans.

Our auto loan offers are always individual. To receive a personalised offer with pricing that’s tailored to your individual needs, simply fill in an online application for car loan. If you change your mind, you can cancel the auto loan easily within the 14 day cooling off period.

Interest rates and fees

Nominal yearly interest rate13,9 – 19,9 %
Annual percentage rate (APR)21,3–29,5 %
Loan handling fee0,01 % / day and a maximum of € 150,00 / year

Find the Saldo partnered dealership closest to you

Name of the car dealership

Locality of the car dealership

123 invest OyKeltakuja 3bVANTAA
9xx-Auto OyHankasuontie 5Helsinki
AA RealisointiInkereentie 1021Pertteli
Ab KimSu Trading OySolkullavägen 46PIETARSAARI
AB Seamac OyBOSUNDVÄGEN 55, 68555 BOSUND68555
AFC-Auto OYKuvansintie 16Varkaus
AJ-Auto OyKorjalankatu 17Kouvola
Ajanvaunu oyKinnarinkatu 8Mikkeli

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