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What kind of a car are you purchasing? Apply for our Car Loan, and pay the deposit or the whole price of the car with the loan.

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Monthly payment Loan period: 60 months

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Car loan is an unsecured consumer loan of 600–6 000 €. The interest rate on the loan is 9,9–19,9 %, the loan management fee is 0,01 % of the amount of the granted loan per day, up to 150 € per year, the actual annual interest rate (APR) is 15–29,6 %. The loan period is 24 to 60 months and the monthly installment is 24 € to 318 €. Loan opening fee 0 euros. For loans under 1 000 € the maximum loan period is 13 months.

Example of loan repayment: The effective annual interest rate on a loan of 1 500 € is 28,6 %. The calculation takes into account an interest rate of 19,9 %, a loan management fee of 4,50 € per month. The total amount of the loan and loan costs is 2 440,07 €, while the 50 installments and the installment are 49 € per month.

Standard European Consumer Credit Information (in Finnish).

Car Loan up to € 12 000
Loan term even up to 60 months

Saldo Car Loan up to € 12 000

Saldo Car Loan is a deposit free loan, so you don’t need any deposits, collateral or guarantors for the loan. This makes the loan application easy and fast to fill in and you will get a loan offer and a decision on your loan immediately after filling in the application.

You can get a car loan up to € 12 000 depending on your needs. You can get a long loan term with reasonable monthly repayments.

In addition to Saldo’s webpage, the loan can be granted by our partner car dealerships.

How to apply for an affordable Car Loan:

Choose the loan amount you need for the car

Do you only need the deposit or the whole purchase price? You can choose the amount you need.

Check the loan offer

You will get the loan offer immediately and you can choose the monthly repayment and loan term.

Car Loan gets transferred to you

After accepting the offer, the car loan will be available immediately

Frequently Asked Questions about our Car Loan

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about our car loan to this section.

If you still have questions, you can contact our customer service. Via e-mail: Via phone: 06000 55000 (2,00 €/min + pvm/mpm)

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Why to choose Saldo car financing?

Car Loan is a safe and easy way to finance a car purchase with monthly payments. After filling in the application you get a loan offer, where you can choose a monthly repayment suitable for you. We give you 5 monthly repayment options to choose from and you can choose which one works best for you.

The Car Loan isn’t tied to a certain vehicle.

You can apply for a car loan even before you have found the car to buy, or you can apply when making a purchase. You get the loan decision immediately after accepting the loan offer. You can finance the whole price, or just a part of it. You can choose the loan amount.

You will get a personal loan offer.

The cheapest car loan can be found by comparing, but we offer you a loan, which certainly fits your individual financial situation. Purchase a car with a loan and make your dream car a reality, effortlessly. You can also finance a car with our affordable deposit free Saldo Loan.

Pricing of a Car Loan

Finding the cheapest car loan is easy, when the loan pricing is clear and easy to access. You can find all the interest rates and expenses of our car loan in the table attached. There are no other costs to our car loan.

Our loan offer is always personal, and you can find out your own precise pricing by filling in an application. The application does not oblige you to anything, and you always have a 14 day cancellation period for a contract.

Interest rates and pricing

  • Service
  • Service Nominal interest rate
    Price 13,9–19,9 %
  • Service Annual percentage rate
    Price 21,3–29,5 %
  • Service Loan handling fee
    Price 0,01% in a day, but a maximum of € 150,00 in a year

Find the Saldo partnered dealership closest to you

123 invest Oy
Keltakuja 3b, 01620 VANTAA
9xx-Auto Oy
Hankasuontie 5, 00390 Helsinki
AA Realisointi
Inkereentie 1021, 25190 Pertteli
Ab KimSu Trading Oy
Solkullavägen 46, 68600 PIETARSAARI
AB Seamac Oy
BOSUNDVÄGEN 55, 68555 BOSUND, 68555 68555
Kuvansintie 16, 78850 Varkaus
AJ-Auto Oy
Korjalankatu 17, 45130 Kouvola
Ajanvaunu oy
Kinnarinkatu 8, 50170 Mikkeli

Already almost 500 car dealerships around Finland offer Saldo Car Loan. The car loan is easily applied online before even choosing a car, but you can also apply for it directly in a car dealership.

Do you want to find the nearest car dealership which offers our car loan? Or do you want to know if your trusted car dealer offer our car loan? Search for a dealership or your hometown with the search function here.